Why is Morpheus not working?

Ever since they took it down and then replaced it with the so-called Preview Edition, I can rarely get it to even connect. If it does connect, it still doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just broken?

Is this any help Jomo Mojo?

Yeah, I guess that answers it. :frowning:

Thanks, donkeyoaty, for digging my forlorn OP up from the depths and saving me from the humiliation of having to auto-bump.

Yep - I had the same response - “hey, what the hell?..” Fortunately, my son came into town this weekend, and quickly downloaded Kazaa, which looks and works exactly like morpheus. I didn’t know about the spyware, but that doesn’t concern me much. Fact is, now I can quickly find great music AND porn. Is this a great world or what?

Umm, Kazaa adds more than spyware. See this article from slashdot. IMHO, you need to: a. Uninstall Kazaa. b. Run lavasoft’s Ad-Aware and get rid of the other stuff. The fact that uninstalling the orginal program doesn’t uninstall the “extras” tells you something about the companies involved. You really need to think seriously about whether you want software produced by such companies on your computer.

There are a lot of strange things going on with downloadable software nowadays. You need to be vigilant and take these matters seriously.

Someone has also come up with a way to clean Kazaa and make it useable without the scumware.

Also there is a “Kazaa lite” search for that term - it still has brilliant tech. software but that can be removed manually. then it is totally spyware free.

But keep in mind, one of the Kazaa add-ons was only recently discovered to have “unusual” properties. Do you really know what else is being put on your computer? One of the files that Ad-Aware suggests you remove is necessary for Kazaa to work. It’s an either-or situation.

Us consumers, the people that thought we controlled our computers, are not being told everything.

Also, CNET pulled Kazaa off their download site.

Food for thought.

That’s cd_clint.dll. The site I referenced tells you how to get around that.

cd_clint.dll is part of CyDoor. This is the program that Kazaa uses to display that ad in the corner of your Kazaa screen and cd_clint.dll is the piece that actually fetches the new ad.

The new dll replaces the real one so that when Kazaa asks it to fetch a new ad it says it does without actually doing anything. Kazaa runs fine except that the ad box gets left blank.