Why is my cat a sissy?

I have a cat and a dog. The cat is 8 a regular cat, about 7 pounds or so, it looks like it has on a tuxedo. The dog (a collie and shepherd mix) is really old he will be 17 years old. The vet said he is healthy but he could pretty much go anytime as he’s just old.

So I was thinking maybe I my cat would like a friend when my dog goes. Even though the dog and the cat do not interact and ignore each other.

Anyway my friend has a kitten and they bug bombed his apartrment so he had to leave for 24 hours, his hotel didn’t take pets, so I said I’d watch the kitty for a day.

So he brings the kitty over. It’s like half the size of my cat. Both are female, mine is fixed. The dog looks at the kitty barks once and goes back to bed, kind of shaking his head as if to say “Now I got two to deal with.”

The cat starts HISSING LOUD. I can see after 3 hours of this it ain’t gonna stop. The kitten didn’t seem afraid of the cat at all.

So I get ready for bed, and my cat sleeps by my feet so I put my cat in the room I lock the dog in the utlility room and let the kitten go wander around

I’m reading in bed then I hear a boom, the door opens the kitten walks in jumps on the bed and cuddles next to me. My cat arches her back, makes with the fur standing up and HISSES LOUDLY.

The kitten totally ignores the cat, and starts to fall asleep, then my cat jumps under the bed and HISSES all night long. I just wanted to see how long it would last, come morning the kitty has had a comfortable night sleeping next to me while my cat is tired from being under the bed all night hissing LOUD.

Not that I want them to fight, but why on earth is a full grown cat so afraid of a kitten half it’s size

Is this a bad sign, if I get a friend for the cat I’d rather get a cat rather than another dog.

I suppose in time they’d get used to each other. It only took 2 days for the dog to quit barking at the cat years ago, but I guess I just don’t understand why my grown cat is so afraid of a kitten that it gives up it’s comfortable bed to a kitten?

Any cat that’s been an only cat for 7 years does not think he’s a cat. He’s a people, in his mind. And this kitten is really ticking him off. He’s not afraid. He’s mad. Just be careful he doesn’t decide to take out his mad on YOU! After all you brought this interloper into his happy home!

We have ten cats. Each time a new cat has been added to the household, there have been hissy-fits and growling matches aplenty. Unlike dogs, cats seldom enjoy the company of strangers.

However, once the initial “go away, I hate you” messages have been exchanged, things usually settle down pretty fast, and sometimes deep friendships form. The most recent addition to our gang, a Russian blue named Ivan the Purrible, is now the best buddy of Cyndi Yawper, the cat who hated him the most upon first meeting.

Lou is the same way. We gerbil sat one time. It’s like there was a bright line on the living room floor demarcating a radius of 6 feet around the gerbil cage, and Lou. Would. Not. Cross. It.

These were gerbils. In a cage.

Lou isn’t any better with other cats. We’ve cat-sat (cat-sitted?) for different people over the years, and it was the same story. Hiss, hiss, hiss. Hiss, hiss, hiss. The last cat got feed up and got a little aggressive, which traumatized Lou completely, and there were Not Using the Litter Box Issues.

So, we don’t volunteer to cat-sit anymore.

That wasn’t hissing, that was swearing. It wasn’t (all) aimed at the kitten, but, at you. I’d watch my back (and shoes) for a while, if I were you. :smiley:

Are you sure your cat isn’t a pussy?

My cat was fine as soon as the kitten left. I have no problems, she was back to her old self the second the kitty left.

Certainly I didn’t want them to fight, but I was worried the cat (both cat and kitty have claws) would attack the kitty.

The kitty didn’t seem to bothered by the cat nor the dog. I wasn’t too worried about the dog because he’s old and frankly the kitty can climb on the back of the couch, or run under the table. The dog has arthritis so can’t bend. It’s so sad, even the rabbits walk right by him. For some reason animals must know the dog is old. He barks but every animal seems to know that’s it for him.

I mean I can’t get over my cat, just running away under the bed. Not that I wanted a fight,

I’m reminded of the time we boarded (3-4 months) a friend’s cat. Our cat JonTom would hiss and growl at him constantly. Eventually he got used to the new cat; but at one point I saw JonTom walk past the new cat, pause, and then, as if saying “Oh yeah, by the way:” hissed at him. I cracked up.