Why is my cat gorging himself?? HELP!

Our Male Siamese is long and lanky and very fit… but whenever I give them treats ala wet food with their crunchies he gorges himself then vomits it all up. Anyone have an idea why? This is an always thing, not a sometimes thing so I am slightly worried. Maybe it’s the food, but I doubt it. We have been looking for years for a food that he wouldn’t do this with - finally we found Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s soul - and this did the trick. But when we put the treats in he went all Monty Python on us!



Get OTC hairball medicie (it come in fish oil flavor) & use it liberally.

Afterwards, use it occasionally to control the problem.

And brush the hairy little mousetrap.

Some cats just can eat too fast/too much and vomit. If he does it when you give wet food/treats, why not just skip the wet wood/treats or at least reduce the amount to below gorge-able levels? I just feed my cat dry food and give her extra pieces for treats.

I don’t think it’s hairballs or it wouldn’t happen just after certain foods and she’d be vomiting hairballs, not just food.

My Siamese does this too - not all the time, but occasionally. He’s very healthy otherwise, and won’t do it on demand at the vet, so I just clean it up.

So he only does it when you combine wet food and crunchies? He doesn’t do it if it’s JUST crunchies?

How are his teeth? Cats wtih dental problems will often eat very fast - because it’s painful to chew - and this makes them vomit. Dental problems can be visible or not easily visible: you cannot always just look and say, “Oh, no tartar so he’s fine.”

But: if he’s only doing it with wet food AND crunchies, he’s probably just eating too fast. I would check with the vet though, just to be sure.

My first thought was why are you giving the cat so much to eat that he throws it up? Or is this more that he just eats so fast the amount dosen’t matter? If its the former than you have a really easy solution.