Why is my computer running sluggishly?

I asked yesterday about the effect of thunder on my wireless connexion in this thread. The thunder’s gone, but I’ve been having trouble all day with the connexion - have to keep restarting Safari, and sometimes the computer.

Any thoughts on why? I’m running Safari on Mac OS X. I’ve run Network Diagnostics and it didn’t find anything. Is there some other routine maintenance I should do?

maybe you need a good old fashioned defragging -
Have you restarted since the thunder? or just “sleep” and “wake”?
Go to Apple’s website and look in their downloads section for a defragger - it takes all the scattered unoccupied bits on your harddrive and groups them all together, thus increaasing the efficiency of your 'puter.

Is the sluggishness purely for online work, or local too? IOW, if you create and save an MS Word document locally, for instance, is that slower than you recall? If so anyrose’s advice is a great place to start.

If it is purely online you still have a wireless problem most likely, or your ISP does. Talk to them.

Just for surfing - haven’t noticed any issues using Word or any other program. Looks like I should give the ISP a call.

I would clear the browser cache. Browsers can be slow and erratic, when the cache has a lot in it. Alway clear the cache of the browser, when you have a problem with it as a starting point to fix the problem.