Why is my Email Screwed Up?

I am using Windows 11, and the bog-standard Mail program. Nothing fancy.

Most of my emails come through fine. Some (including an important one from my doctor) do not display properly. I get lots of formatting stuff;


How might I fix this?

It seems I have stumped everyone. Oddly, my doctor’s email shows up just fine on my phone for some reason.

I have to go drive the school bus. Maybe there will be an answer in a few hours.

Inform your doctor of the problem. It is likely a formatting issue on their end. You might be able to solve it on your end with a “smarter” email program, perhaps you can even get it to work by forwarding it to gmail or similar, but it’s really an issue for your doctor.

Of course the doctor’s office probably runs a system they have little control over, but if enough people complain …

I do not know the answer to the OP’s question, but I have the exact same problem. Many emails, from various senders, display as raw HTML code when I open them in Windows 11’s Mail app. So this isn’t just a problem specific to the OP’s doctor. This is something affecting multiple users of the mail app, and mail from multiple senders.

It does seem to be specific to the Windows Mail app. If I open the emails elsewhere, such as on my phone or in my provider’s webmail app, they display correctly. So that could be a temporary fix for the OP.

The fact that we’re both experiencing the issue makes me strongly suspect we’re not the only ones. Which would mean there’s likely mean there’s a solution in someplace like Microsoft’s help forums or elsewhere on the interwebs. I’ll Google around a bit later when I’m dome with work, if no one else does it first. I’ve honestly been too lazy to search for a fix until now, because I can view the affected emails elsewhere.