Why is my gas grill whining?

I have a nearly-new Weber gas grill (which I bought at the beginning of this summer) which has suddenly started making a whining noise when it’s lit. It happens when I light the second burner (I don’t hear the whining when I open the value on the tank, or when I light the first burner…it only kicks in when I use the crossover to the rear burner). The humming/whining noise seems to be coming from the regulator on the gas tank. The gas tank is nowhere near empty…I’d say it’s about 3/4 full.

This just started happening the last two times I’ve used the grill, and last time I was able to get it to stop by turning off both burners, closing the valve totally on the tank and then re-opening it and relighting the burners. This time, I did that whole sequence twice with no luck. It’s still whining.

Any ideas? Is it dangerous?

Only if you don’t give it what it wants. Then it gets vicious. :smiley:

Seriously, though, Googled “gas grill whining” and “gas grill whistling”. Does this help?


Hmmm…the FAQ about humming mentioned that it can be caused by gas expansion in hot weather, of which we’ve had lots this week. In fact, we also had a spell of cooler weather last week, so maybe the alternating temperature has caused some weird pressure thing to happen in the tank.

That’s probably it, but it also says that the way to fix it is to bleed off some of the propane, which has to be done by a professional. I’m thinking that’s way too much trouble and I might just have to live with the noise until cooler weather arrives. :wink:

My grill does this occasionally, but it seems to go away after awhile. Usually it does it when I put a new tank on it - I always figured it was filled too much and needed to release some pressure…and like I said, it does seem to go away after awhile.