Why is Rubber Johnny Creepy?

He came up in some thread on creepy videos or something (sorry for the vagueness) and I was just wondering why so many people are so disturbed by him? It’s no more disturbing than a Tool or Marilyn Manson video. Did people think it was an actual person/real footage? I admit that it’s a creepy premise, but it doesn’t affect me the same way a well-done horror movie would.

I posted it in Very Vaguely Creepy (the YouTube version) after seeing it in another thread. It affects me more than a horror movie would, at least the beginning part. It looks like it could be real (even though the description says it’s not), and everything’s dark so you think about it when you go to bed later… yikes. The way he looks is sickening to me, and the noises he makes are horrifying. Also freaky is the soothing voice talking to him and it being totally normal for him to have to be tranq’d because he flips out. I frankly don’t know what sane person wouldn’t find it creepy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here! I showed it to my hubby and it freaked him! He said “Please don’t ever show that to me again. Esp. before bed.”

Chris Cunningham is so amazing. Essential viewing if you thought Rubber Johnny was cool.