Why is Russia no longer a superpower?

It used to be that there were two superpowers: the United States and Russia. This was the case during the Cold War. I have now heard people saying that the USA is the only superpower. So what has happened to Russia, and means it has now lost its status?

They lost. No! Seriously, Russia’s economy basically collapsed. They have a reasonably big armed forces set, but its not very good anymore, and much of it never was. Their fleets are rusting hulks in the shipyards. They can project neither military nor economic force.

Also the fragmentation of the Soviet Union into independent states removed resources, and the infrastructure fell apart with no centralized control. Military equipment was scattered or retained by the independent states. With the Russian economy now in a competitive position, rather than Communist la-la land, it was deeply in debt, too.

When a country cannot even afford to pay the electricity bills on it’s own launch stations…

First off, it was the USSR, not Russia, that was once considered a superpower. Also, superpowerhood is relative. If the USA disappeared tomorrow, Russia might again be considered a superpower. Even the USSR, though, was pretty much a superpower in name only in the 70s/80s. They had a lot of missiles, but the country was a LOT worse off financially than most Western “intelligence” folks thought.

Russia has a lot of potential if it can get’s it’s political act together and set the economy on the right track. They have a large, very educated populace and lots of land with tons of natural resources.

Welcome back, dude.

Several people who have studied the situation closely have warned us to not underestimate Russia.


Reagan had a bigger credit line, and was more able to pay it off. Thank god that plan worked out

Aw heck, they can fend for themselves. I mean, Afghanistan turned out Okay when we left them to their own devices, right?

oh, umm, wait a sec.

really? Oh, oops.
In seriousness, I have heard much less on the topic of late. The US has a bit of a history of turning a blind eye to countries as soon as they no longer rate. Only to have to deal with a festering mess later on. On the flip side, when involved, such as with Japan and Germany, the US can do great good. What frightens me is the policy seems to be leaning towards the former, rather than the later.