Why is shortbread so expensive?

I will have to try this.

What’s everybody’s take on butter? Cultured? Uncultured? Salted? Unsalted?

Sorry to return to the OP briefly, but the cost of production usually only represents a lower floor on price. The price is usually a result of market conditions. In this case, I suspect that shortbread is being marketed as high end/special occasion. The price is set high accordingly.

By the way, I make my butter by starting with hydrogen, then hand crafting each element required in a small fusion reactor, then building up each molecule by hand using a small pair of tweezers.

unsalted, cultured.

Well if you don’t have quarks and electrons on hand, I guess store bought hydrogen will do in a pinch.

Never said I bought the hydrogen from a store.

I just already had some left over and on hand from when I made the Universe in the first place.