Why is the media reporting the batman shooting as the largest in US history?

The Virginia Tech massacre killed much more.

You don’t always die from getting shot. nor is it necessary to be counted as a casualty. ~70 total victims.

I was under the misconception that casualty = death for a long time, and just had this discussion with someone a few weeks ago, but forgot to look it up. Glad to hear it confirmed that casualty does not mean death. But deaths are included in casualty counts, right? Are ALL other injuries included, or just very serious ones?

Well in the strictest military sense, it means you’ve been taken out of action. Serious injuries & deaths, illness (including psychological), missing & unaccounted for, prisoners taken by the other side… if you can’t fight, you are a casualty. helps the brass calculate how many replacements they might need to call up, for instance.

but with civilian incidents, a lot of people just say “casualties” instead of “dead and injured”. IMO it’s really a buzzword, like “military-style assault weapon”… it gets your attention, but we should probably be more specific if it was really necessary to bring it up in the first place.

Generally, it counts as injured all who needed treatment at a hospital (even those treated in the ER and then released). Minor injuries, where people just go home and apply band-aids, etc. arent usually counted. (How would they count those? – they aren’t really reported in any way.)