Why is the Pro-Bowl being played before the Super Bowl this year?

…And why is it not in Hawaii like it’s been for the past 30 years?

And does anyone actually pay any attention to the Pro-Bowl anyway?

They don’t want the Pro Bowl to compete with the olympics and the Daytona 500. I don’t know why they moved it.

I’ve never watched it and I won’t be watching this year.

I doesn’t matter when they play it. It is going to suck one way or the other. (American) football isn’t a game that lends itself to a pro bowl. It ends up just being a bunch of really talented athletes trying as hard as possible not to get injured and the game-play reflects that.

I believe that the third sentence is the OP is that underlying cause for the first two. Basically the folks in charge are trying the new time and place to see if that will improve the interest in the event.

Instead of utterly forgetting it, I tuned into it tonight, though I’m not actually paying much attention.

It’s a terrible idea, either way.

There’s no Pro Bowl discussion thread right now, and there probably shouldn’t be, so I’ll just post this comment here:

McNabb fucking sucks. He’s either mailing it in in this game or he’s completely unable to grasp this offense, and neither explanation really justifies why he’s slinging wounded ducks all over the field 2 steps behind receivers and into triple coverage.

I don’t have much reason to get excited about this game but I’d like to see Johnny Knox catch a couple balls, but with McNabb running the offense when he’s on the field it’s like swimming in sand.

Should work better with Romo, as he works with Wade and co. all the time.

Who thought it would be a good idea for the NFC jersey to look like the old Blue Jays uniform? :eek:

Romo definitely looked sharper. Of course Knox wasn’t in that grouping.

Anyone else think that the AFC seems to be force feeding the ball to Ochocinco consequences be damned? I can’t quite figure out why, it’s certainly not making Chaz look good.

I watched three plays, including Aaron Rodger’s TD pass to Steve Smith and turned it off in frustration. It wasn’t football. It wasn’t even pre-season football with guys fighting to make the team. It was a joke. No pass rush, barely any running plays, no hard tackling, no real effort. It was like watching an NBA game.

I think #85 had official permission from Goodell to do whatever the hell he wanted in celebrating after a touchdown without repercussion. I too would have tried to force him the ball a bit.

Yeah, I had it on in the background last night.

There was one play, while Rodgers was QBing, where Mario Williams blew past the RT, and had Rodgers dead to rights, but just sort of veered around him and Rodgers was able to get the pass off.

There was another play in the second half where Vincent Jackson de-cleated Clay Matthews on a block. It looked like Jackson was trying to say something apologetic to Matthews, and help him back to his feet, but it also looked like Matthews was having none of it, and pretty pissed off over either (a) the block, or (b) looking like a fool.

All in all, I can’t even call it a game. Exhibition, maybe. Maybe.

I haven’t watched the Pro Bowl in decades. It’s not a game, it’s barely an exhibition, and nobody cares who wins. Football just doesn’t lend itself to an All Star game because it’s too physical a sport for the players to be able to go all out in games that don’t matter.

I think the Pro Bowl list should just be ceremonial. They should name the names, but I see no point in going through with the charade of pretending to play a game. Maybe they should just do stuff like QB challenges, which can be fun and competitive, but don’t risk injury and don’t insult the intelligence of the audience. The home run derby before the MLB All Star Game is always more interesting than the actual game.

We Redskins fans have been told for some time that Jason Campbell is still on a learning curve, because it takes a couple of years to really pick up a system. How can these guys mesh as a team for just one game? Is it just, “everybody go out for a pass”?

Pretty much. There isn’t any pass rush, and the D-backs are barely bumping the receivers at the line of scrimmage. It’s Arena Football. They’re trying to at least put on an aerial show for the fans since they can’t put on a physical one.

There are rules that prevent complicated formations. The offense always runs a 2WR, 1TE with a tailback set. The defense also only runs a base 3-4 package…no nickel or dimes (or blitzes) allowed.

Yep…those are Pro-Bowl rules.

I watched the first quarter. After watching Defensive Linemen actually break free & choose not to sack the QB, it was a little much. The fun from the previous Pro Bowls didn’t seem as present either. It was always a fake game, but a fake game where the coaches wore flowery shirts and the players gabbed with fans in the stands. It looked extra silly in a packed Dolphin Stadium.

There was a time that the college all stars played against the NFL champs from the previous year. The ALL Stars wanted to win and the NFL champs did not want to lose to a college team. We could go back to that.

The defense is always 4-3, actually, and no bump-and-run/press coverage is allowed. They really should try no-pads flag football. At the very least put flags on the QBs, with a system that lights up a big red light on top of their helmet when the flags are pulled.

Ooops! I meant 4-3.

I caught last years’ celebrity beach football bowl with Warren Moon & Steve Young (among others) and thought that was a bit more fun than the actual Pro Bowl could be.