Why is the SDMB membership declining, and what's the best way to add younger members?

Yeah, in most cases the “Board war” would be like Luxemburg declaring war on Germany.

Hmm, maybe. In any case the only one every talks about is not Stormfront.

I don’t remember that at all. Was that in AOL days? I don’t really think Stormfront as it is now would give a damn about the SDMB. Plus they would be banned after they made their first post. I really don’t think they care about a message board with a few hundred members, they have bigger things in mind.

You could be right, but I thought he was a Left Behinder. He never lost his religious faith while he was here, he just wasn’t in your face about it. I miss him also, even with his WalMart prophecy.

It was a long time ago, but yes, I think it was that group. it wasn’t so much a board war as a minor skirmish. I found it amusing at the time. They knew they didn’t have a receptive audience here and most just trickled away.

Nah, Polycarp had a low opinion of the Left Behind series, and referred to “Left Behind” as “sinister buttock.”

I believe that skirmish happened right around the end of 1999. StormFront was within the next year or two, IIRC. It definitely wasn’t in the AOL days - I wasn’t aware of this board yet then.

ETA: I would be worried about tangling online with StormFront. On the one hand, they might think we weren’t worth bothering with. On the other, if they were able to get someone to track down any of our real identities, they could be a danger to us and those living with us.

Oh, that was way before my time. I joined in 2007.

I had no idea about any of this. What is a board war exactly? A bunch of people from a board for the ‘Left Behind’ series came and posted here?

The very phrase “board war” sounds so ridiculous. Like we are back in 4th grade.


I actually asked about board wars and linking here:

Basically trolling back and forth.

I wondered the same thing. I just assumed that it would be something like if there was a Curved Dope Message Board (CDMB) and posters here linked to those threads with a title like “Look at what these idiots on the CDMB are saying!!!”

And then they start doing to us? Is that right? If so, then why is that so bad?

People on a message board organizing a campaign to enroll in some numbers to engage on another message board. At its very mildest form to engage in debate from an opposite pov (less common), at its more extreme to troll and harass (more common). Sometimes a bit from column A and a bit from column B, depending on the personalities involved. This in turn often leading to some on the targeted board to retaliate in kind, until occasionally it becomes a back and forth series of annoying sorties.

Well, yes. A bit like that. But some people never grow up.

The problem is that we are already in a “board war” , which I think is a stupid concept these days, but the rules in place favor the other board.

Stuff like this which frankly has gone on for years doesn’t help with membership:

There is no war between here and the Gweeb. I’m not sure why you keep going on about this nonsense. It exists only in your mind.

Sure thing. Why don’t you post a link to the BYB thread and see if the mods think it’s okay.

Why would I want to do that? I’m not sure what point you think you are making.

If there’s no war, no harm linking to it, right?

Again, not sure of your point.

No, you are sure of it, that’s why you don’t link it. You just know we aren’t allowed to say anything specific about it here.

Since this has devolved into yet another thread to complain about Giraffe, this is closed.

If you have a problem with what the Giraffe folks do, go complain on their board.

Any further complaints here will result in warnings.