Why is the US airforce responsible for cyberwarfare?

According to its wikipedia entry, the US airforce is the branch of the military responsible for cyberwarfare. Why is this?

Because it is Wikipedia and it is wrong. This year the DOD established Cyber Command as part of Strategic Command, and mostly part of the NSA, which are organizations that are “above” the military services. The Army, Air Force, and Navy all have cyber capabilities but they are coordinated/directed through Cyber Command.

I’m really simplifying this, so if anyone wants to pick nits, go righ ahead.

With so many nerds in the Chair Force, it is a natural fit.

Thank you. I couldn’t find much information in the article.

Here is a slightly better Wikipedia article on the subject.

It’s a purple command, someones got to be in charge and the airforce got the nod.


But they’re not. An Army four-star is the current commander of Cyber Command.

All of this has been changing rapidly. Any article not updated in the last 6 months is reporting old news.

Yeah, not a word about Skynet. Get with it, guys! Sheesh.