Why is the Weekly Comic Book Discussion thread so heavily DC-tilted?

I’m not saying anything about DC or its quality (not that I personally enjoy it as much as Marvel and certain independents), but I would’ve thought that given a random bunch of comic fans, there’d be more balance.

Coincidence, or something else?

'Cuz most Marvel books suck, that’s why.

I’ve noticed this too, and I just chalked it up to luck of the draw. But to be fair to the Dopers, several of the regular contributors do mention Marvel titles occasionally.

I only read Marvel (nothing against DC, I’m just have a connection/familiarity/affinity for Marvel’s “universe”), and I tend not to post that much because the discussions skew more DC-oriented and I suspected I might just end up talking to myself. Also, I tend to not evaluate a story before I’ve read it in it’s entirety, and these days, that can take a number of months. And honestly, sometimes comic book fans come across a little immature online and I end up feeling a little dirty those time I try to participate.

Maybe I’ll give it another try and see if any other Marvel Zombies crawl out of the woodwork.

Again, even assuming that, there are still lots of independents which are VERY popular.

And at least they, and Marvel, aren’t on their fifteenth universe-shaking Final Countdown to Crisis on 52 Earths in a row. Will they ever NOT have one, or will there be just one after another after another until sales finally slow down?

I know you are, but what am I? :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one read Marvel. It’s just that there’s a lot of good DC stuff these days such as the Sinestro War, and Marvel’s done some dumb stuff. But both have their strong titles IMHO. Also each attract a certain type of person according to their styles, or at least that’s my theory.

I gave up on the X-Men a long time ago.

I gave up on most Marvel during Civil War. Especially when they killed Captain America. But I still read Spidey, cause Spidey is New York.

I gave up on Spidey when they pissed on the last twenty years of the book.

Fuck 'em. I’ll read Matt Fraction, he’s generally good. But I’m not reading Slott anymore. And the rest of the titles? After three-four years of constant intra-company event, they’re not fun anymore.

Noble Causes. Dynamo 5. Invincible. PS238. Wolf-Man. Brit. There’s plenty of independents who are just plain good comics. Like what I used to get from Marvel.

Great, but I wasn’t asking why people weren’t reading Marvel. I was asking why people kept talking about DC almost exclusively on the WCBD threads.

In my experience most long time superhero fans seem to be finding more to enjoy in current DC than they do at current Marvel. Which is a gross oversimplification since obviously Marvel’s getting a large chunk of the comics market. My personal theory is that Marvel’s current theme has gotten them a certain group at the expense of turning off people who were reading their books in the 1980’s and before.

For me the problem is that Marvel isn’t fun any more. That’s fine as long as you’re good enough to support the book without the fun and they aren’t. They’ve substituted the fun for… well… dribble that’s pretending to be clever but anyone who puts a moment of thought into it can see it fall apart. That’s okay, when it’s fun but without fun it just reads like something a sixteen year old dreamed up trying to be extreme. Obviously some people are buying it and I won’t begrudge Marvel editorial for finding an audience in a tough market, but that audience isn’t me.

(On the other hand Incredible Herc has been charming and I’ve been hearing enough good things about Iron Fist that I plan on picking up the trades and I’ve been slowly working my way through every issue of Captain America on DVD so I’ll get to that current run eventually. It will take a small miracle to make me touch another X-Book, though.)

Leaper, the answer is that people are talking about DC because they’re not reading Marvel and indy’s tend to have rather scattered attention.

Frankly, I think that E-Sabbath’s answer does indicate why there’s much less discussion of Marvel books. A lot of people have been turned off by Marvel’s recent shenanigans. As for the indie books, well, they’ve always commanded a much smaller share of the market.

Just Some Guy’s comments are relevant as well. Based on my observations, long-time comic fans are pretty much fed up with all the revisionism and convoluted storylines that Marvel has used for the past decade or so.

You raised the point that DC keeps publishing these universe-shaking companywide events. That’s a valid observation, and I can see why some would be displeased with this type of storytelling. Nevertheless, I think that most long-time readers would prefer these mega-events to, say, the current Skrull invasion storyline at Marvel. Or the recent Peter Parker/Mephisto debacle. Stories that basically say “Everything you know is wrong!” tend to be poorly received unless they are done extremely well.

Oh, yeah. I’m reading Incredible Herc. I think this may be the best Athena I’ve seen written in comics.

The thing is, with DC, even with me ignoring Crisis X, the books are still telling their own stories. I can read my Blue Beetle, I can read Booster Gold, I can read JSA, and not be following Countdown/Up/Off.

With Civil War… well, I can’t. What they’ve had the characters do makes me horribly ill. Well, that’s putting it a bit strongly, but… I sure don’t want to be letting them into my headspace.

Still got Astro City.

DC is the common area that we can agree on. Right now, they may have a degree of suck… but they have good amounts of not-suck too. Like Blue Beetle, who is one of the very few post-1960 legacy heroes that really rock. (Wally West being the primary other. He took over from Barry and made the costume his own.)

Also, I’m getting from the Indies what I got from Marvel. X-Men? Noble Causes. Spider-Man? Invincible. New Mutants? Gen-13. It’s not quite the same, but the Mighty Marvel Manner shows through there.
DC is, well, still what it always was. And, well… it’s fun. And sometimes awe-inspiring. And generally, a hell of a good thing.

I’ve noticed this too. I popped into a few early WCBD threads and didn’t find much interest in non-DC titles so I skip 'em now. New comics I buy are about 60/30/10 DarkHorse/Marvel/Bongo. Old stuff is almost all independent. I feel like I’ve read most of Marvel’s backlog and all the DC I ever want to read.

That wasn’t my experience with DC. I had started collecting comics again and Nightwing was one of my monthly titles. Turns out Bruce Wayne gets sent to prison and suddenly the Nightwing plot that’s been building is suddenly interrupted by the Batman plot. What’s even more infuriating is that if I want to follow that particular plot I need to get Birds of Prey, Robin, etc., when all I want is Nightwing.

So I said screw it and for the second time I gave up on comics. Thankfully I gave it up before they crapped all over Spider-Man. Who knew they could do something worse than the the Spider-Clones?


What’d they do? I haven’t read Spider-Man consistently since 2005. I know from Civil War that Peter took his mask off, but . . . ?

Cisco: Very quick summary, to not hijack…

Basically, Joe Quesada has wanted to break up the Peter/MJ marriage for a long long time, and got his chance with the latest storyline. Basically, Mephisto got them to make a deal with him to restore Aunt May’s health in exchange for erasing their marriage, which undid a lot of stuff, including Harry Osborne’s death and the whole unmasking thing. A lot of people are ticked off by these ramifications, never mind the dislike of the marriage in the first place. MJ still remembers the marriage, so they left themselves an out, but the fact that it was done in the first place…

And I just love Joe Q’s reported explanation of the various logic problems this created, since no one knows that Peter is Spider-man, since that got erased too, thusly erasing a big “shocker” in Civil War, among other things. And that’s just the tip of the stupidity of this device. He said, I believe, “It’s magic, it doesn’t have to make sense.” :rolleyes:

Ahh, thank you. I’ve met Joe Quesada, and he came off as a very friendly and likeable guy, which was a bit of a surpise because most of his creative decisions have lead me to believe he’s pretty much a douche.

I’m boycotting Marvel, at least until Joe Quesada gets sick and retires, turning control over to his brother Raoul. (Time is on my side)

Either that, or until they buy one of my pitches. (What’s everyone think of X-Corps of Engineers? Format kinda like the original Ghost in the Shell manga, only with less combat, sex, and colorized panels, and with more of the author’s running technical commentary, with admittedly longish though surprisingly engrossing text blocks—only, instead of cybernetics, it focuses more on everyone’s favorite angle on super powers…their potential applications in civil engineering! It’ll make a mint! :smiley: )

You can do The All-New, All-Different Damage Control! :slight_smile:

Damage Control? Love it, Ranchoth.

Oh, sure, MGibson, the main titles are pretty well screwed. Batman and Superman and JLA and the dependent Bat-Family titles. But the rest havn’t been affected so badly. On the other hand… uhm.

Marvel really doesn’t have non-main titles anymore, do they? It’s all X-splitoff or Avengers-splitoff?

Far as the Dark Horse stuff, lay it on us, brother. I’m listening.