Why is there air?

After much thought I have come to the conclusion that //insert drum roll there is air to keep the fish in the sea. Well, you have a better answer?

Because it’s such a fun word to misspell.

(Bill Cosby Voice)
“There’s air to blow up basketballs. Air to blow up volleyballs…”

For some ditzy people I know, air is the only thing that keeps their head from caving in.

Otherwise a bad 80s band would have had to have called themselves Vacuum Supply

I would offer the scientific answer but this is MPSIMS after all.


Would rather live in an atmosphere of, say, vanilla pudding, perhaps?

If it’s here to keep the fish in the sea, then what’s keeping the trees down?

And while I’m not particularly fond of vanilla pudding . . . sure, why not? It might lead to . . . um . . . interesting situations.

There is air because you can’t fly a kite in dirt.

To offer a small bit of resistance to the furious flight a sharply hit baseball.

Upon futher review there may be air, because without it there would be no sound. Hey that might not be half bad…

Jack Batty’s reply reminded me of a high school chum’s answer to that question for extra credit on a math quiz:

Because we don’t breathe marshmallows.

The teacher pulled that one 'cos he was a big Bill Cosby fan but he gave anyone who came up with an answer a coupla points. But we all liked that one best.

So true it’s almost scary… :eek: