Why is there No Poetry in the Movies?

A simple enough question. I have heard that poetry, in cultures that are “less literate”, is far more popular, as their mnemonics make for easier retension and transmission of information. This seems to mesh perfectly with the lowbrow nature of most movies.
The more I’ve though about this the more it makes sense. Imagine a hard-boiled action adventure movie, with a poetry narration to create the mood. Or equally well, a romantic comedy.
The director doesn’t have to rely on the sets or the actors or special effects–the poem sets the mood.
For better or worse, do you think poetry would improve many of the movies you’ve seen recently? Lord of the Rings? The Scorpion King? Changing Lanes? National Lampoon’s Van Wilder?

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DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

I think Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was filled with poetry. Same with Monsters, Inc. and In the Bedroom.

I guess poetry is where you look for it.

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