Why is there no Romney Alternative?

With no shortage of anti-Obama sentiment, how come it’s Mitt who has stepped up to the plate to face off Obama? He’s been rather tepidly received as the GOP candidate.

Why isn’t there some crowd-pleasing demagogue instead of Mitt?

Well, first, there were a series of primary elections that the other GOP candidates tended to lose. Virgil Goode (the candidate of the far-right Constitution Party) might fit the role of crowd-pleasing demagogue, but he has the pretty extreme disadvantage of having no substantial party apparatus to help him.

I can imagine a couple reasons why Mitt won the primaries

  1. The far-right is vocal but small in number
  2. Mitt managed to pander to the far right in the primaries (and is now paying the prices for etch-a-sketching)
  3. Mitt as the $; Newt was funded by someone else and ended his campaign with tons of debt

Any more?

Is there really no one better than Mitt? Or does money speak really loudly?

Maybe, though there weren’t that many viable candidates running in the primary. Pawlenty would’ve been alright, but he gave up early. Perry seemed OK on paper, but made it clear pretty quickly in the debates he wasn’t a good candidate.

By and large, it seemed like most of the better potential GOP candidates decided to take a pass. Which I don’t really understand, Romney probably could’ve been beaten in the primaries by a better challenger, and Obama is vulnerable.

  1. The other candidates just sucked more.

Who specifically are these better candidates?

And yeah, I’m interested too in why the better candidates decided to take a pass.

While there may be a lot of complaining about Obama, the Republicans have to face the reality: he won the election. So they can’t just dismiss the people who voted for him in 2008. They might want to see an arch-conservative get elected President but they’ve decided to settle for trying to get a Republican elected President.

A lot of potential candidates figured Obama was an incumbent and wasn’t going to lose. So they decided to sit out 2012 and take their shot in 2016.

I think the problem is that no decent, intelligent, and honest person can run as a Republican any more. The Tea Party just won’t put up with it. What would happen if a candidate said “Stop already with the this birther nonsense. Obama was obviously born in the United States, he is not a secret Muslim and he doesn’t hate America. He just has a different position on issues than I do. Oh, and by the way, while we need to cut spending we also need to raise revenues if we want to address the deficit”.

Not really, because Romney was the nominee from the start, hence every thing he has done–no matter what it was or how he did it–precluded any “better” challenger (no matter what they could do or say). His candidacy has been perfectly teleological, and the media have not only been complicit, but have even at times acknowledged their complicity in some ways.

  1. And not a one of them would have stood a serious chance of winning the general election. They’re all sick jokes. Romney at least is making a respectable showing in the polls.

Because the liberal media are suppressing the truth about Ron Paul

In what way? The truth that Ron Paul is the king of the long term con? The truth that he still lives in the 19th century? The truth that he’s a racist and homophobic?

Out the entire 2012 clusterfuck of the republican party, Ron Paul is by far the scariest.

Nobody but business candidates ever get past the local / civic elections because of the CofC. Lets face it nobody would want to call Romney a friend other than Banksters and Lobbyists.

I post on a number of forums. What I am reading is a lot of frustration because of the inability to change things. People wanting to kill lobbyists and their political friends along with Banksters. I understand where they are coming from.

The answer is Shoot Them with video. I have been doing this for years and they don’t like it a lot. I got banned from videoing open council meetings in the 2 local communities. I have been hounding political forums with video since I ran for election here. See “Yellowhead Speaks 1993” During that election run I noticed how corrupt the political forums were and it made me mad real mad.

My plan is to run in every election from now on. Not to get elected but to out the Chamber of Commerce and their corrupt election stealing ways. My back will be to the attendees as I attack the CofC.

Political forums are the breeding grounds of corrupt politicians… Go get 'em Citizens

(2-Min 3-Sec) political forum; I attack the politicos back in 1993
The Chamber of Commerce rigs election / plants questions. That’s why the Marijuana question never comes up. They would lose too many votes.

(2-Min 2-Sec) Civic forum the CofC posed 3 questions. Should the corporate vote be reinstated. 3 of our 4 elected councilors thought it should. This never made the local paper.
Our group the Citizens Coalition For Open Government Through Video had 165 questions we wanted the candidates to pull from a hat. That didn’t happen.


(2-Min 39Sec) here the signal for the planted question is a tap tap. There should be jail time for election tampering…

Wow people not allowed at the meet the candidates forum in the last federal election.

(1-Min 22-Sec)

a councilor and family was threatened by the CofC for his standing up for the homeless. This friend confronted James Roszko the infamous cop killer and thief. While on his trapline. The CofC wanted the homeless shelter removed from town. When they realized that the whole town was behind the homeless they wanted their business names removed from the list of concerned businesses. A CofC member tried to control the meeting from the crowd. He had a bully covering his back.

Here in Canada there was a riot during the Hockey playoffs. Most of it was on video. This will never happen again. People know they can’t get away with crimes in public because there will be video.
CCFOGTV needs to be doing civic audits not Municipality hacks. They never find anything wrong. All 4 communities I know about are totally corrupt. No honest person can work or get promoted in those towns.

Hunt them down with video. It’s easy.

Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp

Far more people are scared out of their minds by demagogues than follow them.

You forgot the ;).

Why would it, anyway, in a local election?

Oh no, no, no, no and still more no. The man made a mess of this state and is just another Romney “I don’t have any actual positions” clone. As such, he’ll probably be Romney’s running mate. Two men running from any hint of an actual policy position.

There was Herman Cain- lots of issues there.
Michele Bachmann - batshit insane
Perry - dumb as a box of rocks.
**Ron PaulRon PaulRon PaulRon PaulRon PaulRon Paul **- racist homophobe still living in the 19th century.
Huntsman - ultraconservative passing as a moderate, unfortunately he dared to serve his country as Ambassador to China under Obama, and that doesn’t work for the rabid right.
Newt Gingrich - enough said.

Why weren’t others running? Because the tea party and the rabid right dominate the Republican Party at the moment. No moderate had a chance of making it through the primaries, and frankly, there are no sane and rational, charismatic tea party leaders who could effectively make their case to the American people.

So it came down to Milquetoast Mitt.

Its pretty simple: The Republican field was weak in terms of star power and political competence because everyone just assumed that Romney’s money would swamp everyone else, and the most attractive GOP candidates aren’t ready for prime time yet

IMO, Rudy Giuliani should have gotten off the fence at some point and gotten into the race. I still think he’d make an outstanding President, but he’s as flaky as Cuomo was about running. And even when he did run in 2008, it was half-assed.

And Tim Pawlenty was an example of a really good candidate who just wasn’t good at Presidential politics. He never should have dropped out after losing Ames to Bachmann. Every plausible nominee got a chance to be in front, Pawlenty’s time probably would have come as well and he would have been less likely to screw it up than the others.

That being said, Pawlenty is my favorite for VP and I think he’ll help the ticket where it’s weakest: relating to average folks.

Huntsman was the best in the field and would have made an amazing President, but he turned out to be the most shockingly politically tone deaf politician I’ve seen in a long time.

You missed king of the long term con.

Huntsman is just another regressive, big business billionaire masquerading as a Nirvana quoting, motorcycling riding, no pledge signing every day guy.