Why is this baby crying

while mom sings;

Is it for sorrow or beauty?
If this is already being discussed, please show me.

I love that video!

It’s such an odd little tearworks. Babies that age do get little friable moments, where they teeter-totter between about to bawl and about to laugh. But what’s unusual about that little lady is how long she sustains it in perfect silence - a minute and 45 seconds!

If I had to guess, it would be that she doesn’t like the expression on her mom’s face on the higher notes. But you never really know. My daughter used to start whimpering at the word “dolphins” for no apparent reason. I sit next to her isolette and tell her all about birds and turtles and squirrels and she’d blink contentedly. Mention dolphins and her face would screw up and she’d start to whimper. Kids, like cats, is weird sometimes.

[li]Baby is drunk and nostalgic[/li][li]Someone off camera is alternately tickling the bottom of her feet and then twisting her ankle[/li][li]Baby thinks the song is prelude to the mother eating her and thinks, well it’s been a great life[/li][/ul]

Why do babies do anything? Babies are idiots.

She starts to smile during the silences and starts to cry during the loud, high parts. Could be the sound or her mama’s face. Adorable, whichever one.

I used to do this with my girls when they were babies. They would be focused on the face and tone of voice, and have no idea what I was saying, so I’d say stuff like “You’re the result of a lab experiment gone horribly wrong” or “Mommy is going to throw you in the oven for dinner!”, but do so in a melodic, high pitched voice and smile. Of course they would grin right back, because facial cues and tone are more important than the words.

Maybe she’s reacting to the mom’s facial expressions.

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I think something else is going on off camera. Either the baby is sad and someone is doing things to make her smile, or she is happy and something in the room is making her scared. It is weird, though. I’ve never seen a baby alternate facial expressions so quickly like that. The theory about the Mom’s facial expression is good though. Some people close their eyes when singing high notes and it could be that the baby doesn’t like that.

The story behind is that the baby reacts to that song that way and only that song. The mom didn’t randomly start filming, she knew she was going to get that reaction from that particular song. I have no doubt the mom sings a lot of other songs too without that effect.

My son used to whimper and tear up like that when we’d squeeze the belly of his little toys called Singamajigs. They would sing notes in a high voice. We concluded he thought the toys were crying. It was very cute, but I felt bad doing it, so we only did it a couple times. That video is cute though.