Why is this thread in GD?

There’s just no middle ground for you, is there. It’s either leave threads alone or throw as many threads out of GD as you can get away with. You are right, you didn’t blame anyone else for your own all or nothing at all thinking.

I’m sorry. I really do not know what you are on about.

Having addressed the issue raised by the OP in a manner that actually corresponds to the wishes of the OP, I now find you attacking me for explanations of how events occurred in the past.


No, Tom. I was criticizing you for your all or nothing at all thinking in the current thread. You just did it again, BTW. Your past patterns, at the moment, are irrelevant.

If you want to invent things in order to criticize me, have at it.

I think I communicated poorly. When I said phenomenon, I meant whether a majority of white men do not find black women attractive. The OP seemed to assert that it was true, but wanted to debate it. The title is immaterial.

I do believe it is debatable–at least, as debatable as almost anything in GD nowadays.

If I run into a thread that has an OP that doesn’t make much sense, but the topic is interesting, I just go with it.

It makes no sense to say ‘black women don’t look as good as white women’ because looks are subjective. But if we look at the idea of whether or not most people in most societies prefer white women to black women, now the topic seems interesting and debatable.

Eh, not really. 95% of the posts have nothing to do with what the world all over finds attractive, but rather with what individual posters do. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, but it’s not true to the forum. And really, at the end of the day, its about as interesting as what color the lint is out of someone’s belly button.

Maybe this doesn’t bother you, but the implication that black women’s looks can be generalized and judged and subsequently debated alongside politics and religion is irksome to me because it fits into a larger pattern of negativity that is periodically directed towards black people via this board . Good luck trying to find a similar thread about any other ethic group or class of people bubbling to the top of GD for weeks on end. Because I promise you won’t find one. Why? It is socially acceptable to marginalize blacks as the go-to example as The Problem Minority.

If multiple people in a thread express puzzlement over why a thread is hanging around GD, that’s a good indication it doesn’t belong there. Shit, one poster (Klaatu, I think) damn near blew an anti-racist gasket over it. It’s a shame that it took that level of discourse to enter the conversation before it was taken to IMHO, but good on tom for doing so.

(FTR I’m one of the IMHO moderators and I looked at the thread after it was moved.)

It took 191 prior posts before Klaatu blew his gasket, name-calling the OP and speculating as to the sobriety of his associates. I called him on that, because the prior posts did not appear to me to be a problem, but, as I said at the time, comprised mainly a rational discourse between people of all races and genders (well at least two races for sure). To prohibit or admonish people for discussing any aspects of interracial relations is not something we would want to do. Unless I missed something, there wasn’t anything there which we could have acted on without venturing into that territory.

You may well ask, why did I look at the thread in the first place, and if you guess it was because the title raised a red flag with me, you are correct. I could definitely anticipate the possibility, but when I read the thread I didn’t see anything to come down on except for inappropriate scatalogical references by Klaatu.

Actually, if multiple people in a thread express puzzlement over why a thread is hanging around GD–and mutiple other people are having a fine old time debating points in the thread, that is a good indication that the thread does not have a clear home. It is a round peg when the only options are hexagonal and octagonal and dodecagonal holes.

Not if the title is something as blatantly about as opinions as that one is.

Seriously, you’re reaching. It’s been moved, so it’s a non-issue now.

Looked like a debate to me, though obviously a lot of people answered it more like an IMHO type thread (and others wanted to hijack it in various directions). It seemed to me that GD was as good a place for it as any, until the thread went completely off the rails.


Titles often miss the mark regarding threads. There is nothing “blatant” in the title indicating that it was mere opinion and not a debate–and the OP posted in the debate forum and explicitly noted that he expected a debate.

I know it has been moved; I moved it. It is such a non-issue that you have had to bring it up again after it was moved.

::: shrug :::