"Black guys are SO unattractive!"

I came across this quote in the Pit, and I have no doubt that the girl who said it was in fact a sheltered, narrow-minded bitch. Nevertheless…

Ignoring the ignoramus who uttered it, is this statement in and of itself racist?

Very often, people pass off essentially the same comment, only with a positive spin, without any guilt (e.g., “Asian chicks are SO hot,” etc.).

If expressing an aesthetic preference for one race is not considered racist (at least in everyday conversation), how is expressing an aesthetic distaste for one racist?

(Come to think of it, this might not be why the comment was lamented in the Pit thread, but I’ve already asked the question in my head, and it’s too late to back away from some kind of answer.)

You might want to be careful about insults in GD.

I believe it is racist. If she had said, “I find many [insert race here]s unattractive” she would have narrowly avoided being racist. But, instead she has made a decision that *all[i/] the members of one race are unattractive. In effect she is saying that in her conception of beauty one race is superior to another.


I don’t find “black men are unattractive” any more offensive than “short men are unattractive” or “hairy men are unattractive”.

Is there anything wrong with those statements? I don’t think so. Unless she was claiming that black men are inherently, objectively unattractive, as opposed to unattractive in her personal view, we are in no position to tell her what to find attractive.

It is not a racist comment. She is simply saying what she thinks, would you rather that she lied about her preferences just to be politically correct?

That said, the way she made her opinion was pretty blunt, and without much tact or good taste.

It’s not racist because it’s associating a physical characteristic with a physical judgment. As Mr2001 said, it’s no different from “short men are unattractive”. It is different from “black people are unintelligent”, which is racist because it associates the physical attribute of skin color with the mental attribute of intelligence.

My first thought was “Was the statement sarcastic?”

Any link to the thread in question?

As to the statement, itself, it depends on its intent:

Intent: Ironic or sarcastic?

  • Clearly not racist, as it is mocking the idea that every member of an entire class of people could be unattractive.

Intent: “I find all black guys unattractive.”?

  • Not racist. We all have different preferences and attractions. Black guys may not fall into hers. (There may or may not be a racist component to the perception, but the statement is not, in itself, racist.)

Intent: “Black guys cannot be attractive (and persons who (claim to) find them attractive are simply deluding themselves or demonstrating their inability to recognize true beauty.)”?

  • Racist: a personal preference expanded and projected onto the world as (warped) reality.

Sorry 'bout that. The rude language was in reference to the girl who was the subject of the Pit thread, NOT to the poster who started the thread.

Still, you’re right, and I’ll keep it clean.

I don’t think it automatically qualifies as a racist comment. As Tomndebb pointed out, it all depends on the intent of the writing, which is derived from the context. If the rest of the comments went along the lines of “They’re lazy and stupid and they’ve never been good at anything”, etc. etc., then yes, I would throw it into the “racist” category.

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Anyway, a link to the Pit thread that got me thinking about it can be found here.

If we’re going by a clear cut definition of racism: discrimination based on race, then yes, it is racism; but if anyone is offended by that I would encourage them to really think about it and reconsider.

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It’s not necessarily racist in and of itself, but in the context ot the post, it definitely comes off as bigoted. It’s possible not to be attracted to members of a race, yet not be racist.

I’m not attracted to black men at all, and I would never want to sleep with one, in the same way that I find smooth-chested twinks unattractive and I would never sleep with one. I can see that Denzel Washington is a devastatingly handsome man, but I am not attracted to him, whereas I think Richard Karns from “Home Improvement” is a megababe who I would do in a New York minute (and take my Texas time!) That doesn’t make me racist. Now if I had said “Black men are icky,” then yeah, that’s racist.

Having now seen the thread in context, I’d say that the comment was probably racist.

On the other hand, the speaker demonstrated so much stupidity, that I think racism may be one of her lesser problems. :wink:

Actually, I thought about that myself after I posted to that thread. And I suppose that technically, finding members of a certain group (Black guys, bald guys, guys with tattoos, guys with hammertoes) unattractive is not, in itself, racist.

However, that your enjoyment of a movie could be ruined entirely by the fact that the leading man is Black seems a bit over the top, to me (would Russell Crowe have made ALL the difference???). And it sort of implies that she considers Black people inferior, because my guess is that someone that shallow puts a great deal of weight on physical beauty. Her behavior implied that she did, in fact, consider Black men to be “icky”.

Plus, there’s a history at work, here (for me, anyway), one that has typically codified “beauty” based on skin color (lighter=prettier), hair texture (straighter=prettier), and facial attirbutes (smaller/sharper features=prettier). In other words, the “Blacker” you are, the uglier you are, and the closer to “White” you are, the more attractive you are. Blue Vein Society and whatnot. And such a codification does tend to be hierarchical.

Not to mention the fact that there are some huge generalizations at work here. Has she seen every Black man on earth? I doubt it. Does she assume that they all look like Wesley Snipes? Probably not. But the truth is that there are a whole heap of Black fellas out there that probably look a lot like her daddy or her last boyfriend.

Would she date one of them if she knew he were Black? One wonders.

That said, there is a very thin line, here, and it’s easy to get all up in arms over someone’s personal opinion, one to which she is certainly entitled. However, she should be more careful with her wording next time, if she doesn’t want to come across as racist.

My guess is that she doesn’t really care.

I personally find statements like “short men are unattractive” to be pretty narrowminded, but I think “black men are unattractive” is even worse. Why? Because there is a common factor in the appearance of all short men – they’re short. There is no such common factor in the appearance of all black men. In the US, people considered to be “black” or “African-American” are an extremely diverse group made up of people of many different ethnic backgrounds. They can have hair, eyes, and skin of any color, hair of any texture, and any kind of physical build and facial features. This means that if a person finds all black men unattractive, it cannot be because they are personally turned off by a particular physical feature that all black men share.

Pish and tosh. Show me a blonde, blue-eyed black man with fair skin and a hairy chest, and I’ll jump him. I had no idea Sweden was so full of black people named Lars and Sven.

Black guys’ skin color may range from coffee and cream to midnight, but they are still dark-complected, a trait that I’m not attracted to. One gay Doper makes no secret of his desire for Asian men, and his lack of attraction to white guys; is he racist?

There is a difference between saying “black guys are not attractive to me” (not racist), and “black guys are unattractive in esse” (racist).

I’m not attracted to women in any way. Does that make me a sexist?

I was thinking about this subject from the flip side recently. I suddenly have found myself attracted to black women or dark skinned middle eastern women, almost to the point of exclusivity. Since it came on so suddenly I felt very racist about it. However, I’m pretty ok about it now after I had a talk with a couple people about it. I think that darker skinned black women are even more attractive than lighter skinned black women personally.

I thought about it for a while, and I realized that I never would have had a problem saying “Nationality X” has a high proportion of hot women. As I think Israel has the highest proportion of good looking women on the planet. I never had a problem proclaiming redheads to be superior to blondes. So what’s the problem in saying that black skin is prettier or white skin is prettier? Sure all of these things denote a prejudice, but since you’re not gonna be nailing every single wo/man on the planet, you’re going to have to discriminate. Whether it’s by race, hair color, height, etc…

I haven’t read the thread in question, nor do I intend to. I just don’t think that there is anything wrong with the discrimination that she describes. I seriously doubt it would hurt the black man who is in love with her anymore than it would hurt the white geek that is love with her that she won’t give the time of day to. Racism has been turned into a dirty word and therefore lost some of it’s meaning. Sure it’s an awful and nasty thing most of the time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be benign once in a while.

I’m white and male just to clarify.


Not true. I could show you several blonde, blue-eyed Black men with fair skin (though I know nothing of their chests, and they might be a bit old for your taste)… Care to come over and peruse some of my family albums?