Why is Turf Thrive unvailable in Arkansas?

We can’t buy it here.

I went to the site and it’s not an online order form. I’m in Virginia. Do you have reason to believe that the page renders as an online order form in other jurisdictions?

The search for a local retailer keeps showing stores in neighboring states.

There are several states that they will not ship to.

It’s not at all clear to me if they can’t sell in Arkansas, or if they simply do not yet have any distribution in Arkansas. Seems to be a small company, and maybe they’re still building their distribution of the product. Do you have a link to some information that explicitly states “We cannot / will not ship to Arkansas”?

“Not available for use in Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Minnesota.”


Perhaps a mail drop in Memphis. :slight_smile:

Gotcha. It seems likely that there’s something in it which is prohibited in those states.

It is probably good for weeds that soybean farmers don’t like. :slight_smile:

Did a little digging and I may have found two reasons for the ban.

1 This is a bacterial treatment and I can’t find a MSDS sheet on this stuff, a big chunk of it is a fungus type the has a symbiotic relationship with plant roots going back about 400 ma(first link), it looks like they may have added some bacteria they whipped up in the lab and that could be the problem

2 Could be spores of this, in a ready to grow medium. this could be the problem


A MSDS sheet would be handy anyone? I will search as well


Found the MSDS sheet, not much there. But did find out the manufacturer is a bio engineering firm that deals with microbes for all kinds of stuff



The Genesis Planet.

Magic mushrooms? So you get gnomes hanging around your yard and toads sitting on your toadstools. What’s the problem with that? It’s not like they are really there. :cool:

Well here’s an apparently foreign concept. Call them and ask them? They do have a phone number. Or are they refusing to tell you the reason they don’t want to ship to Arkansas?

carnivorousplant might not have a phone. He does live in Arkansas, you know. :wink:

Mycorrhizae is some amazing stuff. I used to work for a manufacturer of organic fertilizers and we used it blended in some soil amendments.

Being a gardener myself, I took some of the stuff home and used it in my vegetable garden. I noticed that little weeds that used to pull out easily with a thin little tap root now pulled up a root wad the size and shape of a golf ball.

It isn’t a fertilizer. It is a variety or several varieties of beneficial soil bacteria that work to promote root development.

Hey now… watch…err never-mind. I live in Arkansas too. Point taken. By the way, what are them thangs I see people wearin’ that cover up their feet?

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Sorry, I made the rash assumption from your user name that you lived someplace civilized. :smiley:

I hope you soon get Turf Thrive so you can mix the Amanita muscaria squeezins into your next batch of meth.

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I imagine that is a Really Bad Thing if it gets into a rice or soybean field, and even though we wear shoes :slight_smile: , Arkansas is principally an agricultural state.

Thanks, all.

I’ve noticed, quite a few years ago, when some communities or even nations see “bioengineered”, they assume genetic engineering and outright ban it without any further research.
Never assume a lawmaker or indeed, the entire group of lawmakers have any clue in the universe what they’re legislating against!
THAT said, there is also the old saw, “The broken clock is right twice per day” and the legislature may have actually good reasons to ban it for biological/environmental reasons.
I suggest you look up what law bans its import to your state, then learn what the legislature debated, as all are public record.
If there is no VALID reason to ban it (such as causing ponds and rivers to have massive fish kills from excessive run-off or it’s toxic to (whatever), you and the company BOTH have a valid civil case against the state, as the state is banning one company’s interstate commerce.