Why is US media suddenly covering Euro soccer?

Any reason for the sudden change? I am not complaining about it. They used to give it a little coverage but now there is a lot more.

Slow news day? Not to worry, I’m sure any day now “tanned mom” will do something retarded and everyone will be on that for an hour or so.

I guess I should have said sports media. If you think the tabloid type media is bad here , just go to England.

NPR had a story recently about some long downtrodden English team winning the championship. I wasn’t happy that they wasted time covering that story but then I haven’t cared about any soccer game since the Greek philosophers played the German philosophers.

I expect to see more coverage in the U.S. now that FOX has seized the World Cup rights from ESPN. ESPN will need to continue pushing soccer since they’re broadcasting 2014, but FOX is also trying to build interest for 2018 and 2022.

Or so goes my theory.

More people care. I was at a bar this afternoon watching the CL final with several hundred, if not one thousand other people. Place was packed, plus the outside decks, etc. Sure, it’s not everyone, but the younger demographic care more. MLS (US Soccer league) had higher average attendance last year than NHL and the NBA. Both Fox and ESPN have bet that this trend will continue, so they add more highlights and hype it a bit more.

IMO it’s becasue of the “Instant Classic” PL match played the other day.

The more people are exposed to soccer, the more they want to be exposed to it. English, Spanish, Italian teams (and one Scottish team) have been barnstorming the U.S. as part of their preseason for years, filling stadia and making money. MLS has been slowly growing and becoming more successful. David Beckham, the one soccer player in the world whose name Americans knew, showed up to play here.

A lot of it has to do with the national team. It’s never been a great team, but after 50 years of not making it to the world stage, we’ve made it to every World Cup since 1990. Weirdly–and fortunately–how well we do in the WC doesn’t seem to have a direct bearing on the interest of the American public. I think just the exposure to the competition has made a difference. In my personal experience, more people have been excited about it each time around.

We do seem to have come to a watershed over the last year or two, though. MLS teams are selling out stadia in some areas. Fox moved two of the UEFA Cup semi-final games from the Fox Soccer Channel to the FX channel and the final to Fox’s broadcast network. ESPN is broadcasting English Premier League games and will be broadcasting the European Cup competition this summer.

So I disagree with etv78. Until recently, nobody in this country would have giving a hoot about two team from Manchester playing each other, even if it was for a title. The game certainly wouldn’t have been televised live here. There’s more soccer on television because more of us want it there.

My only complaint is that now that Philadelphia finally has an MLS team, they’re just horrible to watch.