Why is Wiccan magic spelled "magick?"

So? Why is there a “K?”

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Some people just love to be different! Its not like the rest of the religion makes sense. They start following a religion less than a century old and start talking like its a persecuted sect from the begining of time. Some people just can’t be explained.

I suppose this isn’t the kind of answer you were looking for, huh?

I hear its to make it different from that silly magic magicians use to wow audiences and to make the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Theirs is less silly? Go figure.

The alternate spelling is used when speaking of magick, which are practices which we believe to have real power. This is contrasted to magic (no K), which is a set of tricks performed for entertainment, by people such as David Copperfield.

IME, the majority of pagans consider this distinction to be important for clarity. But many others use only the “normal” spelling of the word, and rely on context to show what the meaning is. I tend to lean toward the former view, but I’m not offended or confused when someone leaves off the K.

Of course I don’t fit in; I’m part of a better puzzle.

Cute spellings always engender credibility, don’t they? God bless Amerika!


With a ‘K’

That, plus illiteracy.

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Well, when converted to a verb and using it’s present participle form, there should be a k.

Oh, for those who are not grammar mavens, I’m referring to magicking as in:

I love to go picnicking and magicking with Starhawk and Lady Principia!

<sigh> I hate it when I’m being a grammar maven and I mix up its with it’s.

The spelling was started by Aliester Crowley to differentiate what he thought he was doing from regular stage magic.

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Because witches use(so I’ve heard)Special K cereal in their spells.