Why is your opinion on all these new user doing this?

I’ve noticed that every so often, a new user joins and posts a thread or even two or three threads that go something like “Can I sue <someone or something> if <something completely unrelated>?” Why do they do this? :confused: It has got to be exactly the same person constantly re-registering new accounts. I mean, what is their motive behind all of this? :confused:

Probably the same motivation as starting a bunch of threads to post a link to a picture of a building and asking vague questions about them.

Someone googled a question and we came up on the first page of hits? They probably cross post to all the hits and sometimes check back for an answer.

I’m more puzzled by people who firstpost long, hairy relationship questions, with a sad plaint of ‘what should I do?’ Especially the ones who sound like they’ve not only never lurked, they haven’t browsed, either.