Why isn't Rockshow available on DVD?

Is there a reason Rockshow isn’t available on DVD?

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt you’ll get much more of an answer than “It wouldn’t sell enough in the eyes of the distributor in order to make it worth releasing in that format”.

I’ve often been baffled by how many of the older winners of the Best Picture Academy Award are still not available on DVD. Best Picture!

Unfortunately it probably comes down to the person with the rights to the film, and the specifics involved with distributing it. Someone has to back that financially, and they need to know that they’ll make a profit by releasing it, or at least not go broke.

Ok, I checked my source, and it appears that the industry has been doing some catch up lately in regards to Best Picture winning movies being released on DVD. Only four are not available as of today on DVD, but The Last Emperor was made in 1988! It’s not so old that there wouldn’t be any interest left in it. Who knows?

Funny you should mention it:

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The Last Emperor is out on DVD:


Those bastards at Netflix have been holding out on me!

No. It’s out-of-print. The Amazon page only contains “new and used” sellers references. Amazon itself doesn’t have it. Netflix only carries stuff that’s in print or was in print relatively recently enough for them to have multiple copies of it.