Why isn't there pork cat food?

Asking this here because I assume there’s a factual answer.

I was at Petco this morning buying food for the feline-American members of my household. I bought a variety of fish-based foods, plus chicken, turkey, and organ meats. There was a beef variety, but my cats don’t like beef. Wondering (not for the first time) why Fancy Feast doesn’t have a pork variety, I checked out a few other brands. I saw duck, rabbit and venison cat foods, but no pork cat food.

Is pork somehow bad for cats? If not, why no pork-based cat foods?

There are pork cat foods. Here is one: http://www.lotuspetfoods.com/for-cats/canned-just-juicy/pork/

Wow, there’s actually a Dope for that. (Never noticed the absence myself.)

Another reason might be there are no inexpensive cuts of pork. It all goes over the butchers counter at typical meat prices. Even hogs heads are processed to get expensive deli cuts from. Cow and chicken and fish consist of lots of parts that human consumers are unwilling to pay good meat prices for by the pound, so their offal get shipped off to the pet food makers.

Because all cats are muslims and/or jewish…?

Thanks! Either I missed that brand at Petco (I didn’t look at every brand – there are a lot of cat food brands out there) or they don’t carry it.

…or Ancient Sumerians. Or ancient Egyptians.

Heck, we know some of them were ancient Egyptians. We have the mummies



In Syria and Phoenicia, too:


Interesting the one comment in The Master’s article about “consistent supply” … I’ve maintain a household of multiple cats for an unhealthy period of time … I’ve tried to change kibble once or twice and my cats simply refuse to eat it … or very little … at least until one of them pisses in it … so I can appreciate a cat food maker wanting to keep the formula the same batch after batch …

So I guess it’s true … cats, like engineers, thrive on the same food day after day after day after day after day after day after day …

Human flesh is said to taste a lot like pork.

I don’t know about you but I’m not okay sleeping in a house where a cat has gotten used to eating something that tastes like me.

Cats don’t deserve bacon.

You definitely shouldn’t …

Yeah, that’s the big difference between cats and dogs.

If you die alone in your house with a pet dog, the dog will pine and starve to death next to its master and friend.

If you die alone in a house with a pet cat, the cat is thinking “We’d better get started on this before it goes cold!”


Interesting post for someone whose name translates to “eats everything”!

My cats will eat almost anything. One once enthusiastically ate the “guts” from a cantaloupe as I scooped them out.

It’s because cats use bacon for clothing not food.

That’s why cats snuggle up to you at night … they’re listening to your heartbeat … waiting for it to stop … so they can be the first to enjoy you …

Dogs will eat you too

There’s a Dope on this … “Will cats eat their owners?”

Why is there no cat food made of mouse meat?
We know the cats like it, and it seems cheap and easy, but I’ve never seen it.

The first full “face transplant” patient not so long ago…wasnt her trauma caused by a her (four?) dogs eating her? I think it was a bunch the cutest, cuddliest Black Labs, in fact, not even a mean old Cujo.