Why July to me? (Mini rants)

That’s horrifying. I hope all goes well and very quickly.

Sorry to hear. You’ll be in my thoughts.

We have a wonderful 4 year old white ex tomcat that has a great personality. Unfortunately because he was dumped as an adult, he has food issues - he wants to eat everything he sees, which is hell on the elder cats in the household - one of whom we have to lock in a cage with his special gushifuds so Henry doesn’t shove him out of the way and eat it.

We have been trying to rehome Henry, but nobody seems to want him. He is the perfect one cat household cat - very snuggly, friendly and purry. sigh

Of course you are joking, right? I have a new kitten, how could there possibly not be more pictures!!!

Sleeping in the sun. George’s paperwork says he’s a black and brown tabby with white, but I think his stripes look silver in the sun.

I took the rescue lady 60 lbs of kitten food and she greeted me with a kitten she was bottle feeding. Great, now we are going to have to buy her some Kitten Replacement Milk and that shit is expensive.

I also learned that the low cost spay and neuter clinic we always used lost their vets during COVID and haven’t reopened, so we are going to have to pay for our vet to do the neuter which isn’t going to be cheap either.

George is already costing as much as our last free cat and he’s only 11 weeks old. I’m starting to get a little worried.

You got a kitten with million dollar whiskers and ‘eyebrow whiskers’!

Oh yes, he’s adorable. I’m just a little embarrassed about how much I spent on a kitten when there is a family across the street who is putting their trash in our can (with permission) because they can’t afford to pay their garbage bill.

What? My rl name is Mary Katherine. Wanna guess which religion I was raised in? I know that a different religion thinks they own guilt, but let me tell you, they got nothing on Catholic guilt.

They sent us home late last night, thank goodness. We were worried they’d want to keep her in overnight, but the doctor at the bigger hospital said that she’s not dehydrated, and she thinks it’s some kind of viral gastroenteritis and BabyTree should get better on her own.

Me and my partner have it too, although not as badly, so we were all struggling yesterday.

BabyTree has been sick once this morning and still has diarrhoea; if anyone knows a way to make a reluctant baby drink then please tell me. She won’t drink juice or rehydration fluid and refuses water most of the time too. Thankfully she will still nurse but not for as long as usual. Drinking too much at once seems to make her sick.

George is totally adorable and needs ALL the snuggles.

I’ve just spent the better part of the day trying to revive my Windows 10 PC (yeah, the one that I had to perform a factory reset on after an update trashed a database that controlled the Start menu, leaving me to run the damn thing from the command line for two weeks). I thought it was the power supply, but after swapping that out it acts the same – it powers on for about three to five seconds, then shuts down. I’m guessing motherboard? I just installed extra memory in it earlier this year, too. :rage: The only thing keeping me from hauling the damn thing to the recyling center is the rather nice-looking case…I would like to try building my own computer at some point.

At least I haven’t lost any files (that I can think of at the moment); that computer had sort of been functioning as a spare, and I already knew its time would be limited since it wasn’t capable of running the upcoming Windows 11.

Some asshole stole my summer sweater from my shopping cart yesterday. My only non-winter sweater. This was at Costco - nobody there is hurting for clothes.

Apparently I have contracted swimmer’s ear. Not a huge deal really, but it itches like crazy, so I went to my doctor and got a prescription for Neomycin-Polymyxin-Hydrocort ear drops along with instructions not to go swimming for…2 WEEKS? In the middle of summer? Aw, come on!

I was looking for a part for my '65 Ford Pick-up Truck, and you wouldn’t believe what the internet search turned up. Let’s just say, I don’t go that way!

On a completely unrelated note, my rant is that I am begining to believe that we are in a period that historians will look back on as a period of World-Wide Mass Hysteria.

There are many very good reasons why I have the child filters activated on my desktop and tablet. (I’m the administrator, I can change it whenever I want, but boy, it sure stops a bunch of spam.)

These are the Grumpy Times. Everyone is grumpy and grouchy.

A couple of days ago, I watched two women come to blows over a parking lot fender bender. The damage was minor and it was obvious that one person had backed into the other, but they both came out with loud words and things went downhill very quickly.

Dammit, when I’m sitting in my chair, I get nice and sleepy. Go lay down, and boom! mind goes haywire and I’m wide awake again.

(Tonight’s fireworks ain’t helping.)

Imma hafta sleep sitting up in my chair, aren’t I? Stoopit brain.

It could be an overheating issue. Make sure the fans are all spinning. I had a PC 20 years ago (a first generation Pentium) that would shut down after logging into Windows, but only when not in Safe Mode. It turned out that the CPU fan had died and the processor got too hot once the computer did anything intensive. The reason it was okay in Safe Mode was because it wasn’t doing enough to heat up the CPU much.

3-5 seconds is fast for overheating though.

It might also be bad RAM.

Does it POST? Do you get any video at all before it dies? Is it making any odd beeps before it shuts off?

You can also try plugging it into another outlet in case it’s environmental.

Yep, both fans start spinning immediately. I checked to make sure all RAM was properly seated, but I didn’t go as far as to remove and reinstall each module. I’m not sure it’s even getting as far as POST; sometimes I’ll briefly see the manufacturer’s logo on the screen, but most of the time the screen barely has time to flicker before the computer dies. There are no beeps at any point.

I’m an old guy with lots of damage in both knees and painful lower back. Yesterday my husband was away for a while, so I figured it’d be a good time for me to install a new lower shelf in some bookshelves.

I put a pillow down on the floor and eased my knees down onto it. It was made painfully obvious to me that the pillow was not adequate to the task of shielding my knees from excruciating pain, but I was already down, so I proceeded with the task. It also became obvious that I needed three hands, though two of them were occupied in keeping me from falling flat on my face. Which was exactly what happened. So I’m lying prostrate on the floor, and somehow manage to install the fucking shelf from that position. Then I discover that I cannot get up without further damaging my knees and back. This is how my husband found me when he came home. And he reminded me that he could have installed the shelf easily, in about three minutes.

This morning I’m sore all over, and my right knee is bruised and the size of a cantaloupe. And the cat is mad at me, 'cause I could only lie on my left side all night, and she wanted me facing the other way.

Narrator: “A mistake had been made.”

The support slats under half my bed fell (thanks, IKEA! To be fair, it’s a not-new frame that’s been through several moves) and a quarter of my mattress simply collapsed.

I can see what to fix, but the whole mattress has to be hauled up & out of the way to reach. I don’t have the strength to do that myself, the friends I trust have bad backs, etc. and I don’t wanna ask a random neighbor to help me fix something rather … intimate?

To make matters worse, I rolled right off the bed (this happened in the middle of the night) so I have an impressive collection of bruises, including a partial black eye.

Now I’m sleeping huddled against the wall on the other side. FML

My gray blob does that to me too. Doesn’t care how desperately the carrier vessel needs the rest, just gotta torment the inhabitant.