Why July to me? (Mini rants)

I DID wind up giving in, and making myself comfy in my chair. (It’s a papasan, not conducive to sleep unless you’re curled up like a small kitten. Which I am not.) Wound up PASSING OUT for a while all curled up pangolin-style, groggily half-waking, moving to the bed without entirely coming to, then conking out stretched flat for several hours of incredibly deep sleep.

^^ anti-rant, by the way. Just saying what worked for me.

Mini rant: it’s not super hot, but it’s hyoomid here. Hard to get climate control right with just a window unit.

Run the A/C = get cold, worry about electricity costs.

A dehumidifier works wonders on humidity. The better ones can cost $200-$350, Consumers Energy has a rebate for energy star units. I bought one a month ago should have done it years ago. No more sweaty pipes, dripping toilet tanks, hidden mildewed surfaces. The air smells fresher too.

It damm better should!

(Meme version: “You have ONE JOB!”)

Today, at 11 AM, our water went brown. Checked the town web sites… nothing. Checked my neighbors… ALL have brown water. One saw a firetruck cruising trough our little neighborhood.
So. What does that all mean?


It means that a Whole Fucking Hour before the local supermarket shuts down for 4th of July, the ASSHOLE FIREMEN decided to flush hydrants in our small neighborhood with no fucking notice. No robocall that we’re flushing lines, boil water til Tuesday… no FB notifications on any of the Town Accounts. No courtesy because, as it’s 4th of July… SOME of us might be having guests over.

Fuck You. Nothing.

What’s even better, as FIREMEN ASSHOLES are all union and under union contract… this maintenance, which could have easily been done in the middle of next week… was done on a Sunday… and on a Holiday ( 4th of July ). That means that these over-paid Fuck-Faced Rat Bastards are fucking with the neighborhood at QUADRUPLE STRAIGHT TIME.

FUCK YOU Fire Department. And FUCK YOU for your Service…!

Oooh that sucks big time, why the urgency to flush? city hall is probably taking Monday off too?

Our Road Commission sent a crew to fill potholes, why do they fill one but leave another next to it alone? Was it not identified on their map that requires a surveyor to mark a spot for road crew to fix? So surveyor needs to return to mark the spot so road crew can return to fix a pothole next to the one they already fixed? Just guessing here!

Our water heater went pffft Friday afternoon, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Rather than endure a cold shower, I just stripped to my underwear in the back driveway (mostly out of sight of traffic) and used the warm-hot water from the garden hose for a quick outdoor soap and rinse. Worked great.

Should be some good security camera footage…

They put NIPPLES on the Batarmour?

Well, that’s certainly a design choice.

Those nipples are the first thing we Bat-Purists bring up when someone foolishly mentions Joel Schumacher*…

*Director of the stupid cartoonish Batman (well, Batman-Lite™) movies.

We used Fanta or Sprite. Shake it so all the CO2 is out and it’s flat. It still taste interesting and contain lots of sugar. It’s even better if she is not allowed to get soda normally :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
Good luck and I hope she is better now.

I’m absolutely freaking out. Bills are piling up, but I don’t even know if I will be able to pay rent this month.

Going back to see about a job today, but I really need to be working, like, yesterday, and at way more than they’re likely to pay.


Some douchebag who lives out my way has a new flag: Trump DeSantis 2024. :face_vomiting:

In anti-rant news, I start tomorrow which is a relief.

Congratulations PHS!

I’m so happy to hear this. May it be the best job you ever had!

That’s not going to happen. Individual 1 is pissed that DeSantis didn’t attend his circus rally in Sarasota. DeSantis claims he wasn’t invited.

They’ll have sweaty makeup sex and then hold hands later when they join on a ticket.

Assuming that neither one is imprisoned before then.

DeSantis can pull a JD Vance and run around to the right wing media and say his mea culpas for bad mothing Individual 1 before the 2016 election.

Can’t sleep…mental image will haunt me
Can’t sleep…mental image will haunt me
Can’t sleep…mental image will haunt me
Can’t sleep…mental image will haunt me
Can’t sleep…mental image will haunt me

Elsa was, but you know how she’s always late.