Why Karen?

No. No, they haven’t.

I see. Thanks for replying. And what are your thoughts, Karen?

I had one friend named Karen who quit FB over it, it was so hurtful to her.

There was briefly a poster here who had a meltdown and quit over the name Fanny being used anatomically. His mother or aunt or someone was named Fanny.

Well, I haven’t experienced anything personally, except for some good-natured ribbing at work (I usually reply “I want to talk to your supervisor!”). However, I realize that I must rely on people’s best natures to overlook the stereotype. In the best case it is just tiring, like tall people having to put up with always being called “Stretch”, etc.

But if I were looking for employment as an over-50-year-old (as most Karens are), I would be worried.

And if Dave or Abby complained about neighbors leaving piles of trash in the street, everyone would understand where they were coming from. If I Karen said the same thing …? Well, the neighbors would talk about her behind her back, right?

Also, I think it was sweet that that pizza place was giving a peace offering to innocent, bystanding Karens, and I don’t understand the backlash.

What’s in a name? Easy to say when you’re not the one taking potshots. Thanks for sharing your experience, Karen.

Great post, thank you.

NPR story about historical use of Karen and her predecessors I caught on the radio this morning:

In the fifth grade, about five of us girls were invited to Anne’s house for a sleepover.

None of us were Anne’s friends. She had antagonized most of us since the first grade, especially one girl who lived in her neighborhood and thus saw her more than the rest of us did. But for some reason she invited us to her house to celebrate her birthday and for some reason we all said yes. As a kid, this didn’t strike me as particularly weird, though. The line between friend and enemy isn’t always apparent when you’re a kid.

The sleepover part of the sleepover was largely uneventful, but the next day we were goofing around when Anne left the room. Edith, who was probably the smartest and most socially put-together, asked us in her quietest voice if any of us even liked Anne. We laughed so hard.

I wish her name had been Karen so my story could be relevant to this conversation.

Yeah. Everyone knows Linda is the name of a woman in HR.

Or starring in a porn movie.

Karen takes a hit here.

Karen strikes again!

Karen, Florida Man’s Significant Other.

This is so unfair.

She could easily have been named Susan.

Huh, I don’t associate it with upper middle class at all, but working class (UK) or ordinary middle class (US). In the UK you’d never meet a posh Karen.

One of my sisters has that name. She’s not “a Karen.” Her life has been hard, and she is trying her best. I really dislike people using her name as a slur.

Or Jennifer.