Why keep asking "Will you accept results of next election?"

Yes, I was referring to Trump not accepting the result if he had lost.

While there must be some who claim they would accept the result of the election no matter what happens, I doubt if they really would, although it might depend on what you mean by “accept”. I think most people would not accept it if the result was than there was an insurrection that made the result opposite of what the voters decided.

Trump and Hillary having issues with the 2016 election is not the first time this has happened.

What issues did Hillary have with the results?

Y’know, this is disingenuous, and smacks of bothsider-ism.

Prior to Trump, while there were probably some fringe U.S. politicians who argued that any election they lost must have been unfair, in general, prior to Trump, the assumption that nearly all politicians, of both parties, had was that, yes, we do generally have fair, unbiased elections here in the U.S., and that, if you lose an election, you lost it fairly. Prior to 2016, no one would think to ask, “will you accept the results of the election?” because nearly everyone (both candidates and voters) had no reason not to.

Trump and his followers have normalized the idea of “I don’t have to accept the results of an election if I don’t like them,” the idea that election fraud is rampant (and clearly in favor of the Democrats), and the very idea that the U.S. does not have free, fair elections. That is a hugely dangerous precedent, and it is really only coming from that side.

And back in 2016, he didn’t really want to take on the responsibilities of being President. He just wanted to win a contest. Even now, he doesn’t really want to take on the responsibilities of being President; he just wants to win a contest. Above all, Fred drilled into him, don’t be a LOSER. That’s his drive. Nothing else.

Well, there is staying out of jail.

And the always popular revenge.

Hillary said Trump was an illegitimate president and the election “wasn’t on the level”. Some of her complaints were Russian hacking, voter supression, voter purging, false information, James Comey reopening the investigation of her handling of classified information, and Trump not winning the popular vote. Hillary wrote a book called “What Happened” that I haven’t read, but it probably provides more of her thoughts on the 2016 election.

The “Will you accept” question is not just about presidential candidates. I see it asked more frequently to members of Congress, since they are more frequently interviewed. When there is a member of Congress agreeing to an interview, I hate seeing the opportunity wasted with silly dead end questions.


Maybe check back in when Trump concedes 2020.