Why might I suffer the same lung problem every year at the same time?

I am living in the States now, though I was in China at this time last year. No matter where I am, I always have the same problem right around American Thanksgiving.

I have a tingling in my lungs, toward the middle(bronchial tubes??) that starts very minor, but usually develops into a major cough that I can’t shake for a couple weeks. Last year, the Chinese doctors told me it had developed into bronchitus and put me on penicilin IV drips.

I can just feel the start of it right now. I feel pretty good, but when I bend over(like touching my toes), I can feel a slight tingle in my lungs, the start of what is most likely to be a major problem.

I’m usually fine if I don’t move around, but if I get up to go the bathroom or kitchen, I start weazing. It hasn’t gotten bad yet, but I would really like some advice as to what this might be? Any doctors ever see something like this that has such a regular pattern?

I should add that this goes back some time. Last year, it turned into bronchitus. Two years ago, I fought it off before it got very severe. I can remember it happening as far back as high school, which was 11 years ago. Back then, it was around mid-October, but it has moved to November now.

I just dread this happening to me again. It’s not that I’m very, very sick; it’s more like I get disabled for a week or two, unable to work or walk around.


Can’t answer your question, but I had this problem as well. Generally around the first snow fall i would get a bad case of bronchitis. I quit smoking and that solved it :slight_smile:

I’m glad this worked for you. I don’t smoke, however, though I should have mentioned that in a “lung” thread.

Me, too, although I’ve lived here all my life. I think it has to do with turning on the heat (central, forced hot air) the first time. Seems to dry up my sinuses and get me sneezing and coughing for several weeks. I’m going thru it right now.

I used to get it years ago.It was an infection in my bronchial tubes.Every year,I would end up in a hospital.I think I caused it when I came back to my apartment too soon after setting off a bug bomb.It took years but eventually my lungs got stronger.

I wonder if it’s a combination of allergies, colder weather, more indoor living, and more exposure to dry air.

I find that for myself, breathing ailments (nose, throat, and lungs) are exacerbated by these factors, as well as stress and flying in airplanes.

One way this could happen is that your airways and lungs dry out from colder weather. Cold outside air holds less moisture than warm air. You can warm up the inside air, but if you don’t add moisture to it, you still have dry air! When your airways and lungs dry out, the mucus membranes lose their ability to filter out and kill foreign substances including bacteria and viruses.

Allergies stress your mucus membranes and render them less able to kill stuff. Allergy medications dry them out (ya can’t win!).

Some things you could try:

  • Wash pajamas and bedclothes frequently in hot water to kill off allergy-causing
    microfauna and wash away allergens.
  • Vacuum
  • Use a humidifier or boil water to add humidity indoors.
  • Drink more water
  • Take supplements that boost your immune system

Throw away your favorite sweater, it’s the culprit.

Well. Maybe. But since you were in different locals, that would at least be a common thread.

Thanks for your help so far. I don’t wear sweaters and the heat really hasn’t kicked on yet. I may start boiling water soon, since I don’t have a humidifier.

It’s quite debilitating. I feel like next week(at the lastest), I’ll be like an old grandpa, just sitting there and unable to get up an walk.

From my experience, it’s allergies. I don’t really have any problems any other time of the year, but there seems to be something that pollinates/produces allergens in the fall–sometimes as early as August, but lasts until the first good freeze–that makes it hard for me to breathe correctly. When I smoked, it often ended up as bronchitis. Since I stopped smoking though, the effects are closer to asthma.

The only thing that really helps prevent the problems are nasal allergy treatments, like Flonase or Nasicort. Claritin helps a little, but not completely.

I did not have any of these problems until I moved from North Carolina to the Ohio Valley, so it even appears to be something that is specific to this area. My one really bad episode of bronchitis happened when I was living in Northeastern France and smoking two packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day, but I have major coughing/breathing problems without developing any kind of infection otherwise during the fall months.