Why more gassy in the morning?

Just curious. I’m not going to slap a “TMI” on the title because, well, eh. Just seems overused.

So…why is it that as soon as I begin to think about waking up, my tummy starts gurgling? Within minutes, there’s a fair amount of flatulence. Then it goes away within 15 minutes.

(BTW, anyone else share this?)

Why is that? Is my digestive tract in some sort of rush when waking up and is sloppy in doing so?

[sub]sorry boys, but girls fart too[/sub]

IANA doctor-but have a fair amount of morning-or just anytime-farting experience.

My take-After sleeping for 8 hrs or so 2 things have happened.

You haven’t eaten in possibly up to 10-12 hrs.creating an acidic gastrointestinal condition.Plus your muscles should be fairly relaxed from that sleep, unless your having horrendous nightmares-or no bedtime fun.

Relaxed muscles with an overly acidic condition usually cause me to toot.Sounds reasonable to me.

I get the 10-15 minutes “venting” in the morning, too

I think it’s partly that, while asleep, everything is relaxed and snoozing. When you wake up so does the rest of your body, things tighten up, and internal pressures increase, resulting in farts.

The other thing - you’ve just been horizontal for 8 hours. When you stand up, gravity causes internal things to shift, which are the gurgles and such you hear. This shifting might cause gas tucked into various corners an easier passage to the outside, which it takes.

The gurgling and such begins while I’m still horizontal, as does the “venting.”

I’ve always speculated something similar to what you said…my body’s been in sleep mode for 8-ish hours, with relaxed muscles and essentially “powered down” system functions. I wake up, and everything starts speeding up, waking up…kinda like the whiiirrrRRRRRRRRR you hear when waking up an idle/sleep mode computer.

Just a thought. :slight_smile: Good to know I’m not the only one!