why no electric tea makers?

Most of us use electric coffee makers for making coffee, and real teapots or teabags for making tea, right? Is there a reason why we don’t use coffee bags or coffee pots for making coffee (I know some do, but most don’t), or electric tea makers for making tea? Is it just a cultural difference between the US and UK?

I’ve got a tea maker for the folks who gave us Mr. Coffee. Even a cooking-dunce like myself can make tasty iced tea!

Salton makes an electric iced tea/iced coffee maker.

Interesting, how do those ice tea makers work? Do you fill the pitcher with ice and the machine pours hot tea into the pitcher? Or do they have built-in cooling mechanisms?

Still, my OP stands: why are there no hot tea makers, or if they exist, why are they so unpopular compared to coffee makers?

There are hot tea makers. In addition to the iced tea makers. Read.

My WAG as to why they’re less popular? Americans drink more coffee and they want the coffee fast. Tea is first of all less popular and second of all more of a drink that you aren’t in a rush to imbibe.

Tea also tastes disgusting when stewed. The only teamakers I’ve seen which I’d consider buying are like an alarm clock - they boil the water at a certain time, dump the water onto the tea leaves and then sound an alarm so you wake up to a piping hot cuppa.

Bodum makes a teapot which allows you to remove the tea leaves from the teapot, but I’ve never seen an electric version which does it automatically.

Do they have electric teapots in the UK? I’ve used my coffee maker to make tea- usually to end up making iced tea. When I worked in a restaurant, we always used the coffee maker to make the tea for iced tea- the tea came in sort of a pot-sized bag that was put where the coffee filter and coffee would go.

Coffee also seems a lot more complicated to make than just boiling water and throing in a teabag.

Does no one else remember the Father Sarducci Saturday Night Live skit where he introduced the Mr. Tea?

I used to think it was hilarious until I saw one for sale.

this is what you want


I was surprised to find that the Teasmade still exist. It something I can remember from the dim and distant past (1970s).

The selling point was that you could have tea in bed, but it was so noisy that all but the soundest sleepers would wake up well before the tea was finished.

My parents were once given one, but the novelty quickly wore off because of the noise factor and thefact it only made two cups. Better for whoever was up first to make tea for the rest of the household. As for during the day, there was no point - it was quicker and less hassle to boil a kettle, plus the results were better.

I’ve no idea what the latest models are like, and since they still appear to be going, they must have a reasonable number of devotees.

Find out all you need to know and more at http://www.teasmade.com/

I did know someone who used a Mr. Coffee to make tea, but I never tasted it; it probably came out weak.

Most serious tea drinkers like to time how long things steep and are happy to just add hot water and do the rest themselves.

Part of the joy of tea is making the cup, anyway.

I have a little device called a Hotshot which is made by Sunbeam that will boil a cup of water or two in about 15 seconds. My wife uses it for tea all the time. They are pretty hard to find in stores though. We had to order ours off ebay.

There are plenty of electric tea kettles, just for heating hot water, of course.

I’m guessing that steeping tea for five minutes and then removing it is something so simple that few people have the overwhelming urge to automate it.

I use a Braun coffeemaker for my tea. In the evening I place the tea leaves in a tea ball, no bags please, and put the correct amount of water in the tank. In the moring I just switch it on and by the time I am finished dressing the tea is ready to pour into my thermos.

I know that by purist standards it’s not the best, but it helps my schedule and allows me to have , I guess adaquate, tea.

Just to chime in here that I too have a “Mr. tea”.

Another problem with the Teas Maid was the problem of milk which most British people have in theirr tea. Unless your bedroom was very cold you could not keep the milk overnight next to the Teas Maid because it could go sour. So when when the Machine activated itself in the morning you still had to go downstairs to get the milk out of the fridge . So you may as well have got up and made the tea in the kitchen.

I have one of those too. It saved me in college. I never realized that they were hard to find but come to think of it, I have never seen one in a store. I got mine as a gift. It can make tea or soup really quickly.

Okay, lemme rephrase the question:

— Coffee is made by running hot water all over the grounds, and letting the water drain through a filter.

— Tea is made by soaking the leaves in hot water, and keeping them separate by using filter paper for the bag.

Why the difference?

I know there has to be a difference, because the people who make Coffee Bags note on the package that the bags is not just ground coffee, but that it contains about 30% instant coffee too. I guess just plain grounds in a bag doesn’t taste good enough, but why is that? How are grounds in a bag in the water any different than grounds in a filter on the top?

My guess is there are two possiblities: (1) The bag sits in the water longer than the water runs through the filter; but there’s an easy solution to that: take the bag out quicker! (2) Maybe the water cools off as it goes through the bag and can’t cook the grounds so well at that point? I can’t imagine that the coffee is that sensitive to heat changes, can it be?

I have the iced tea maker, which is excellent, but it can produce a marvelous pot of hot tea also with a little experimentation. I have made tea with a Mr. Coffee before by using a filter and ripping open a couple of tea bags and dumping the contents into the strainer. It turned out pretty good.