Why no music credits in TV series?

Full length movies always have music credits at the end of the movie. I always thought it was something that was included in the rights to use the music. The music artist gets a piece of the action. I could be wrong here.

But, I will hear music of well known, groups, individuals in a TV series and there is no mention of credits at the end. Agreeably, most people wouldn’t read them (music credits) but I like reading them.

Why the difference?

I think movies just have more time for credits. I haven’t made a big study of it, but do TV shows credit the gaffer, best boy, catering company, wardrobe, and makeup people?

The music thing used to drive me crazy in pre-Internet days. I remember hearing a song I liked on a show once and (no kidding) I called a radio station to ask the DJ what it was. That and trying to hum it to a Tower Records employee were basically the only options. Now, of course, Google can usually find anything with vague clues, or someone here will get it with even vaguer clues … and that’s just if you didn’t have the presence of mind to shove SoundHound or a similar app in front of it to get the title and a helpful link to buy it instantly.

The answer is almost certainly ‘because they don’t have to contractually’. Often times various unions negotiate who gets a credit and who doesn’t. Apparently the music producers/editors etc. didn’t rate a credit. Besides, the fewer credits the less chance someone changes channel.

I understand that reading credits is not for everyone. Maybe they could just put a link at the end…“Want to see credits, here is the link for this episode”. Click. Of course it would have to be on the screen long enough to recall it.

It’s about what is required contractually. My work in TV has been almost entirely in cable, but yes there are credits for best boys etc., and credits for music where required.

Music licensing for film/tv is an area where artists, or whoever controls the music at least, have a fair amount of power.

Some TV shows don’t even give the episode title at all, if it’s not buried in 12 point font in the credits.

I just checked an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on IMDB and found the soundtrack listing. Once you navigate to a particular episode, there is a box in the upper-right corner that contains the Trivia, Goofs, and Quotes. I may have had to expand that section, but eventually, I found the Soundtracks link.

Not as good as trying to read it in 10-point type scrolling at 30 mph in a small window from across the room when the show is playing, but if you want the information, it is probably on IMDB.

The beginning credits of Alaska: The Last Frontier are written and sung by the oldest brother and his daughter, Jewel. I guess that means they only have to credit him, and her by extention, once.

Currently, a 30 minute television program is about 21 minutes of story and the rest commercials. Do you really want to eat up more of those 21 minutes of programming with more credits?

Credits and opening sequences are much shorter than they used to be. ST:TNG which had long credits gave credit for the theme, at least.