Why not "Our Missed Content"?

Every time I see the phrase The Winter of Lost Content, I cringe.

Even when I first saw it, something about it just didnt look right. I knew that there was a Shakespearean reference there just waiting to get out but I didnt know what it was.

Then someone posted “The Winter of Our Missed Content”. BINGO! :smack: Why didnt I think of that?

Even though “Lost Content” is slightly more apropos, I vote we officially change the phrase, before I go crazy :slight_smile:

I’ve always used The Winter of Our Missed Content

I think you’ve got it backwards. It started out as “The Winter of Our Missed Content”, and then someone who didn’t catch the reference posted the (literally synonymous) “Winter of Our Lost Content”.

I agree it’s better with the Richard III reference in, but it needs a companion line. “Made glorious summer by our son of Cecil” isn’t good, but it’s on the right track.

I think the “lost content” is just a mis-quote from the original, and very witty, Winter of Our Missed Content.

Yeah, “Our Missed Content” is the correct name. Anyone who calls it “Lost” just missed the joke and got confused.

By the way, if you want to look up something at out temporary home during that dreary time, you can find it here..
Obviously, you can’t sign in or post…

Then, of course, there is the famous sign on the window of a London camping supplies shop: Now is the winter of our discount tents :smiley:

But Atlantis is the winner of our lost continent.