Why oh why oh why...

do I still have this headache? This is coming up on 2 weeks now.

I’ve taken Motren, Toradol, Tylenol #3’s - it will receed a little but never actually go away.

Gah! No wonder I’ve been so cranky lately…

My wife recently got rid of her migraines by a visit to the doctor - apparently they have a new drug that can take the migraines away.

It’s a prescription (of course) so call your doctor Monday and schedule an appointment. And stop trying so much OTC meds, they can mess up your liver if taken in excessive doses.

Let us know how you’re doing.


Er… I don’t think those are OTC… Tylenol 3 isn’t, anyhow. That would be Codeine, yes?

All the same, I would think some testing would be in order. What has your doctor said? After two weeks I’d be after a second opinion at the very least.

That aside, I had a headache once for 3 months… that sucked. So I do feel for you. Good luck!

Find a dos who is aware of the differences in headache pains between female and male - it can be entirely different chemistry (esp. migraines) - see one who:

a) takes pan in women seriously (many still don’t - it is a disgrace to the proffesion, but that is another rant).

b) knows how to differentiate various similar pains, and treat them - too many Dr’s think that scipt pads are panacias…

Yepper, second, third opinions are in order here.

Thanks guys. I just woke up, and yes. It’s still here.

FYI, Tylenol #3 is codene it’s perscription. Motren and Torodol are both anti-inflamatories (NSAID’s), also perscription.

My Dr. is great - she’s very understanding and has suggested somethings that have been very helpful - physio, massage, acupuncture.

The problem is that I was in 2 car accidents fairly close together. I always got headaches but since the accidents they have increased in frequency - A LOT.

I think this particular headache is because I’ve been stuck doing transcription after my regular job for about - 2 weeks.


I had a friend who had a similar problem, had an extraordinary number of headaches, took a lot of OTCs. First thing her new neurologist told her was to stop the OTCs for a hwile. Apparently you can get rebound headaches when the first dose wears off, so you take more, that wears off, etc, etc. Obviously, see your doctor.

What’s an OTC?

OTC = Over-the-counter. As opposed to perscription meds.

Say, if you’ve been in two car accidents and now your headaches are getting worse, you might want to get a referral to a neurologist. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong, but…it would be on the safe side to check.

Oh. I don’t actually take any over the counter meds - all the ones listed I had to get an Rx for.

I’ve actually been checked from top to toe regarding this blasted head of mine - neurological tests, CT ect are all a-ok, so it seems to just be one of those things.

Usually Toradol does the job quite handily - I think this particular headache is just really tough. I’ve had a really stressful couple of weeks and I think it’s caught it with me. I actually went to work today even though I wasn’t scheduled to work - I think I just work so often I always assume I’m scheduled! :smiley:

Oh well - mom is coming for a visit in the middle of May and I’ll be taking some time off then which will be nice.

Thanks for the concern guys. :slight_smile: