Why Pay Wages

I always wondered what the criteria for a job was that paid salary vs wages. I worked in H/R before and always get the pat explination a Salaried Employee has specific managerial duties. However I have been salaried before w/o managerial duties and have received no O.T.

I bring this up as their was an article in a magazine regarding how companies rip off employees in lost wages to the tune of 19 million dollars a year.

I mean why pay overtime if you make a person salary then you can work him to death.

You have to make someone “exempt” to not pay overtime (and to ignore the minimum wage). To be exempt the job itself has to have certain duties. These can either be executive (a.k.a. managerial), administrative or professional.

So any given job is either eligble to be exempt or not. You can’t make a job with non-exempt duties job exempt, but you can do the opposite.