Why (physiologically) do feed get sore?

So I had my first day standing for 8 hours last night, and by the end of it, my feet were incredibly sore. I was wondering what the physiological cause is - it’s no muscle fatigue, so what exactly causes the feet to hurt? Crushed blood vessels?

Is there any way to do any sort of excercises or anything that will make feet less sore?

It is a kind of muscle fatigue–the muscles in your feet were designed to walk–“flex, relax, flex, relax”–not to just stand there holding your dead weight up against gravity all day, “flex flex flex flex”…

Orthopedic shoes (“nurse shoes”), or a well-constructed work boot or cop-type sturdy Oxford shoe will go a long way towards relieving foot fatigue. You want a sturdy sole for arch support, which does more work holding your dead weight up against gravity than a sneaker’s thin floppy soles. Sneakers (tennies) are death on feet during “on your feet all day” jobs. What kind of job is it, and what kind of shoes are you wearing?

What you are standing ON makes a difference, too. Many places where employees are standing for great lengths of time will supply special matting to stand on.

Try to walk around a little bit, or even stretch your feet by going up on tiptoes, then slowly lowering yourself.

There are also special innersoles you can buy; “Backguard” by Dr Scholl’s is pretty good.

And go to a warehouse store to get huge bottles of generic ibuprofen…


You may want to look at Chef’s clogs (Dansko brand comes to mind) for your feet. I think they even make them for the medical profession. Keep in mind that all people are different but they work for me.

I use them because I have horrible feet that even in a cloud of marshmellows my feet hurt but with my clogs they seem to not hurt as much.

Also, you may want to look at your posture. Oddly enough using the correct posture will not only help you with your back but will also help your feet.

It’s a cashier job - and right now I’m wearing tennis shoes with Dr. Scholl’s inserts for fatties.

And my feet are absolutely killing me. I can’t afford a new shoe that’s expensive until the next paycheck at least, but is there anything else I might do to relieve the pain? (during and after).

Bathing your feet with Epsom salt may help. A nice feet massage will also help.

Do you have health insurance? If so, you’d be well advised to go see the doctor.
Tired, sore feet after standing eight hours is to be expected, but it sound’s like your problem may go beyond that. Your feet should recover pretty quickly after your shift.
And have you tried plain old aspirin?

When “feed” gets sore it’s because it’s mad at the corns.


Speaking as an ex-bartender who used to pull 14-hour shifts weekly, VOW’s suggestion of walking around and stretching your feet will probably help short-term. I used to spend every second I could rotating my ankles, wriggling my toes, slipping off my shoes whenever possible and really trying to stretch the arch out. I’d also shake out my legs and stretch my back, as posture really does affect how sore your feet get. I had a couple of tennis balls both in my locker at work, and at home; on my breaks or when I got home, I’d roll my feet back and forth over the balls to loosen up and stretch out the muscles. It really seemed to help, as did going shoeless whenever the general public (and my manager) couldn’t see me.

IANAD so can’t help you on the physiological cause, but I always thought it also had something to do with nerves, as after a really long or difficult shift my feet would often go numb soon as I finally got off them for any length of time.