Why Republicans still support Trump

Except that it’s not just Democrats. Look at all the conservatives who are ex-Republicans now. Or the spineless Republicans who feel they can’t speak the truth until they are retiring. The only “groupthink” going on is with the Trump fans.

I was very, very concerned about a coup by means of a false-flag attack, in the days and weeks after the January 2017 inauguration.

I’m less worried now because the percentage of Americans still in the ‘let’s give him a chance, he could turn out to be a good President’ mindset is basically just the hardcore 27% or so of Trump’s white-supremacist base.

I don’t think they could pull it off, now: too many people have seen Trump lie, cheat and steal. Too many people find him completely non-credible. If he came on prime-time TV and said ‘my fellow Americans, we’ve been grievously attacked by Latino Muslim black homosexual terrorists, and we must now suspend Constitutional rights and move to a martial-law footing so that I may protect you from these awful people’----only that 27% would believe it was an actual attack, and not an ‘attack’ manufactured by Trump’s own people.

Even a false-flag attack intended only to sway the November 2018 vote (as opposed to being used as an excuse to impose martial law) would meet with major skepticism, I think.

Of course, I could be wrong. Hope not.

  1. There is no “Democrat Party.” As you know.
  2. Many of us didn’t “worship” Mrs. Clinton, we just supported her candidacy. Personally, I haven’t vowed to resist everything the Republicans attempt to do, but I will resist to my dying breath anything Trump attempts to do.

I think both sides have a problem with being full of hate. How about having a conversation instead?

Trump won the election with an anti-establishment campaign. A lot pf people are still anti-establishment. Those people still support Trump.

I would understand this if the feeling was “Yeah, Trump sucks but he’s better than Hillary.” I would disagree but I could wrap my head around that. What I can’t fathom is people who think that Trump is doing a good job. He’s got majority in both chambers and a conservative-leaning court and what has he actually done? About the only thing I can give him any credit is the tax cut but even that was mostly GOP leaders like Ryan.

You should be kicking yourself; imagine what a real politician like Cruz could have accomplished?

I disagree. Keep in mind that more people actually voted for Clinton that Trump. It’s not like a majority of people walk in lock-step with Trump. We’ll get through this. (Unless the GOP gains seats in the mid-term elections. If that happens then I’ll start to worry.)

Meh, I voted for Cruz in the primary. I would have preferred him to Trump, but overall I’d say that President Trump “is doing a good job.”

Ties with our allies are stronger than ever, he denuclearized North Korea with a handshake, and NO RUSSIA COLLUSION. What’s not to like?

Doing a good job at what?

My taxes have gone down. So there’s that.

His job

Yeah, that about the percentage of people that voted for him that don’t know what his job is.

Or they are happy with the treatment of minorities, and still believe his lies.

It is impossible to have a conversation when people write things like this:

  1. Trump insults our allies and starts trade wars while praising people like Putin.
  2. Diplomacy with North Korea is welcome but they are not “denuclearized” in any way, shape or form.
  3. Multiple Trump officials have admitted to lying about Russian contacts and some have even plead guilty to crimes. And Mueller’s investigation is not complete.

And then the post ends with, “What’s not to like?” As if it should be self-evident that (A) the three claims are true (they aren’t) and (B) Trump hasn’t done anything else to warrant criticism.

I came to this forum because I thought its reputation was to weed out the falsehoods and the drive-by snark. But to return to my point:

Would someone - anyone - please explain to me how I’m supposed to ‘have a conversation’ when the opposing side refuses to acknowledge any sort of objective reality? Because this is the situation we have found ourselves in. I’m absolutely fed up trying to ‘have a conversation’ with people who can’t even acknowledge the most basic and well-documented facts, and instead indulge in this fetishistic hero-worship devoid of any actual reason.

So please, Vinyl Turnip, explain:

  1. What leads you to believe our relationships with allies are strong when Trump has gutted the state department and antagonizes them at every turn?
  2. Please show me the IAEA report documenting the denuclearization of North Korea. South Africa has had such an investigation, because they ACTUALLY denuclearized instead of making nonspecific promises.
  3. Please explain why Trump’s administration and relatives lied about their contacts with Russia - even when those lies constituted a felony (as in the case of Trump Jr)

And again - anybody -

  1. Please explain how I am supposed to ‘have a conversation’ when the opponent has neither facts nor reason?

… pretty sure VT was being all ironical and shit…

*Awww! * You wrecked it! That could have been oodles of malicious fun!

Do I still need to answer the essay questions?

Yes. But be ironical about it.

It is, it is. As with any forum that’s been around for a number of years, some regular participants tend to post sarcasm that is taken as sarcasm by all the other regulars, but that looks sincere to newcomers. There’s not a heck of a lot of it, but it happens.

Please don’t give up on us because of it. (If in doubt, take a look at a few other posts by the person in question and you’ll be able to see their actual position on the issues.)

Well, that’s the problem we find ourselves in not only here with this board’s right-wing posters, but elsewhere on the internet, too, of course.

There can be satisfaction in challenging the bully-worshipers to provide evidence for their claims (they usually try to change the subject to avoid such calls). But a lot of the time, we just have to acknowledge that we’re not going to change the worshiper him-or-herself. Our posts might reach other readers, though. That’s worth doing.

Most people here value the project of communicating effectively using verifiable evidence, so we just …keep at it.

Hope you’ll stay with us.

(Oh, and also: Vinyl Turnip’s posts are always worth reading, even if you’re not fond of snark. <–Not sarcasm!)

But what has he accomplished that wouldn’t have been done better by any other GOP primary candidate? (Other than, possibly, Carson.) He made a mess of the Obamacare repeal and nearly torpedoed the tax cut. He’s moving away from free trade and started laying the groundwork for a painful trade war. He’s taken lying by a politician to an all new level and frustrated Republican efforts at immigration “reform”. He got absolutely nothing from North Korea other than giving Kim a bit more credibility. He’s had an embarrassing amount of staff turnover, hampering any efforts to get things done.

Almost everything he’s “accomplished” was either because of SCOTUS retirements or the GOP establishment. It’s like saying that a batter who’s 0-for-50 but has one hit-by-pitch is doing a good job. As I see it there are only two things Trump has done that wouldn’t have been done by a good politician: he’s been more aggressive with border control (leading to the bad optics of breaking up families and two losing court cases) and he’s willing to take pot shots at all politicians, including Republicans. Some people like that pugnacious attitude and maybe you’re one of them but he’s probably frittering away the GOP legislative advantage. We’ll know better after the mid-term elections.

My payroll taxes from my Sub-S company have dropped by a staggering $37 per semimonthly paycheck! :slight_smile:

Of course, my accountant has jacked up the amount I have to pay on distribution income in my quarterly estimates by several hundred dollars. :frowning:

So much winning…

Jesus, he has had his goons rip nursing babies from the breast of their mothers. He has put children into concentration camps. He is destroying alliances with nations that time and time again have fought and bled with us in our battles. He is sucking up to every dictator on the planet. He has exploded the deficit to the exclusive benefit of the donor class. He has put tariffs on our friends, not only antagonizing them but devastating the economy. Anyone who can witness all of this and still proclaim that he is doing a good job shows contempt for that Constitution that they pretend to adore.