Why should you be president?

Make your case.

Present the policy and initiative platform you would effect and pursue as president of the United States. Boilerplate talking-points will probably get you nowhere on this board, please explain what you want or expect to happen with respect to your policy and how much you think you might be able to get from a realistically non-intractable Congress. Why should we support you, or whom (as declared on this thread) do you support, and why?

SDMB has a lot of very smart people, can we find an appropriate candidate from amongst us to lead the SD party? (I count myself out because my views are a little too outrageous and I am not particularly likeable.)

A thread like this might be more appropriate for the Game Room, but it should at least start here.

Because as a Canadian, I’m no Beltway Insider.

1.I would pull the US out of the WTO and NAFTA/CAFTA, initiate bilateral agreements only.
2.Pull troops out of Europe, use 1% of them to militarize southern border, discharge rest.
3.Base Affirmative Action on class, not gender or skin color.
4.Either cut off relations with China or initiate relations with Cuba. The diametric policies are nonsensical.
5.Decriminalize pot, but also pour research into synthesizing THC.
6.Full marriage equality for LGBT couples.
7.Consolidate tax brackets into 4 brackets. (let top 1% Bush cuts expire)
8.SS withholding up to $250k

I’m curious, per the OP’s request, how you would expect to get any of those through Congress. Technically, you could do #2 w/o Congress, but they’d have to fund it.

As for me, no thanks. Wouldn’t want the job unless it paid a lot more. A real lot more.

And you know, that is the irony as I see it: if a person really wants the job, I see that as an instant red flag. The people we are electing are, ipso facto, the most unsuitable for it because they have to really want it.

Because I could never be elected, I’m perfect for the job.

Because it would make for an exciting three weeks (until my impeachment).

I pledge to…

  • bring back biplanes, horse cavalry, and silver dollars you’ll never mix up with quarters.
  • cite for contempt of Congress any incumbent who runs an “I know you are but what am I” campaign.
  • simplify the tax code by disbarring all tax attorneys.
  • make the Kardashian sisters a public utility.
  • proclaim Dum Dums® the official confection of the United States Government.

I should not be.

I promise to continue muddling through just like all other presidents, enact short-sighted policies, make the occasional populist appearance at major sporting events and blame everything on the other party.

There is almost nothing in public policy that has a clear, coherent, politically palatable answer to it. If there were, anybody could do it.

Ask me what I would do as benevolent dictator.

Since I’m short, fat and balding, you haven’t had a President like me in ages. In fact, I think I’d be the shortest since James Madison, the baldest since at least Ford, and the fattest since FDR.

I have no sweeping policies other than I like to sleep until at least noon. If we could start government business at 5-6ish in the evening and wrap up around 2-3am, that’d be sweet.

[Dirty bumper sticker idea deleted in the interest of good taste. Besides, who am I kidding, I don’t have a chance based on telegenics alone!]

I will work tirelessly to make Steak and Blowjob Day a national holiday.

Because I’d be spectacular at distracting the populace from paying attention to or noticing where the really power in the galaxy lies …

Why is this still in GD?

Firstly, because I couldn’t be any worse then any of the current crop of yahoos [though I am liking Obama, I think if congress could pull their respective heads out of their asses and stop the partisan bullshit he would do better]

I would like to open Cuba to the US again. It is stupid, they are no worse on human rights that many other countries we trade with.

I would like to encourage manufacturing to come back into the US, or attempt to prevent companies from outsourcing call centers. We need the jobs in the US. We can not have an economy based entirely on service jobs.

We need to change the tax structure so the lower 95% are not paying more than their share of the tax burden. If I have to pay 30%, then Mittens and the like need to pay the same. I don’t care that I pay 30% on 50K$US and he would be paying it upon 50 million $US. I don’t have access to some lawyer to get that extra %age off. We also need to simplify the damned tax code.

Legalize any form of voluntary marriage between consenting adults. I don’t care if it is 2 men, 2 women, 1 of each. I can not see where non-hetero marriage is any danger to anybody. Also make it easier for nontraditional families to adopt. Gay, straight, atheist should not matter.

Make vaccination mandatory unless demonstrated by a government authorized medical facility that the person is actually allergic or otherwise medically unable to be vaccinated. Anti-vaxxers can suck it up. Just like back in the late 60s/early 70s, every kid going to school gets lined up in the gym and gets their vaccinations. [that pink sugar cube tasted nasty, note to self, see if the polio vaccine can be injected instead]

figure out how to encourage kids to go t trade school instead of university. There is nothing wrong with a manual job. We need plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, repair people of all sorts. We need manufacturing jobs. Hell, we need any sort of jobs.

I believe in the reality of global warming. I believe that the richest Americans have received their reward in full. And I believe that if we’re going to have a quasi-monarchical strong-president system, it may as well be in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it.

I would have my staff draw up a budget with a projected surplus sufficient to retire most or all of the U.S. savings bonds that mature in that year. This would largely be achieved by counting all capital gains income as regular income, and adding three or four new tax brackets (roughly at $2 million, $20 million, and $200 million, and a theoretical $2 billion). I would present it to Congress, and simply refuse to sign any other budget.

If they manage neither to pass my pay-down-the-debt budget nor get another one past my veto, then I start emergency cost cutting measures. Congressional staffs would not be paid, and their offices would not get power, until I get my budget, as written. I will not sign any other bills until I get my budget, as written. It would be the immovable object.

Yes, I am more or less running for dictator. The president gets the blame, he may as well have the power. The buck stops with me.

I won’t be old enough for a few years, but I’d be a great president.

I served in the military. I grew up in a southern state (Louisiana), and currently reside in a swing state (Virginia). I have no scandals in my background.

In one word, a pragmatist. What works?
I believe in Keynesian economics. It’s appropriate and, indeed, necessary for the government to step in and spend money when the private sector is not. I would prefer that this spending be on things that really help the country and our future- due to my scientific background (my degree is in Physics and Astronomy), I am inclined to favor scientific endeavors, and due to my engineering background (nuclear-trained engineering officer on a submarine), I favor infrastructure projects. I would want to build bridges, improve transportation infrastructure like railroads and roads, update our electrical power infrastructure, spend heavily on medical R&D and energy R&D, and explore space.

I think it’s necessary that we make it a national goal to make oil a trivial part of our energy economy. While I support environmental efforts, the real reason for this is national security- I want us to disengage ourselves from the Middle East. Nuclear energy would be relied upon heavily until other options were up to the task of powering the country- nuclear power can be far safer than other forms of power, and it has the generating capacity to meet the needs of the country.

On social issues I am very liberal. Gay marriage should be legal. Abortion should continue to be legal. Contraception should be subsidized, extremely easy to get, and the population should be well educated on contraception. Education would be prioritized. Despite popular belief, many, and even most, American schools are in good shape- it’s just the small chunk of schools that are terrible that bring our numbers down. So those schools are the ones we need to focus on- and more than the schools, it’s the school districts that are the problem (IMO). It doesn’t matter much how the school is if the parents take no role, and if the home-life is dangerous and stricken with poverty. So that poverty, joblessness, and desperation is the priority for education. I would strongly oppose teaching pseudoscience (creationism, ID, climate-change-is-a-hoax, etc). Not everyone needs to go to college, but nearly everyone should go to some sort of post-high-school training- trade schools, apprenticeships, etc. Over time primary and secondary school teachers should see an increase in pay and prestige such that the profession is as attractive, financially, as professions like engineers and other professionals.

On taxes- I support more income tax brackets- the top bracket should not be 250K, but more like 10 million. The top brackets should be close to 50% (but no higher). Capital gains should be modified such that lower levels of gains (like under 250K or so) are taxed very lightly or not at all, while higher levels are taxed more heavily. The tax code for capital gains would favor (that is, be at a lower rate for) active investment (meaning new companies, companies that are hiring and/or improving their business, etc), and disfavor money that “just sits there making more money”. The estate tax would change to an inheritance tax. Under a certain amount (say $1 million) there would be no inheritance tax, and above that level 50%.

Defense spending should shrink, and military operations in Afghanistan would end as soon as reasonable.

There should be no cap on payroll taxes.

I support single-payer health care. The easiest way IMO is Medicare-for-all.

With defense cuts and increased tax revenue, I think we could start to pay down the debt (very slowly). We don’t need to get rid of the debt- it should just be smaller, and grow at a rate consistent with economic growth.

For pragmatic reasons, I don’t support restrictions on gun ownership, except for the closing of existing loopholes.

So vote for me.