Why so much spam/phishing from Poland lately?

Looking at the logs for exim (a mail transfer agent) on my web server, I was astounded by how much spam originates from IP ranges in Poland. I’d say it’s about 80% - not just from one or two Internet service providers, but a wide range of them. Many private companies in Poland are also showing up in my logs. Most of the spam is filtered out before it ever reaches a mailbox, but yesterday I added a RBL (realtime blackholes list) to the exim configuration file to block mail from all IP addresses in Poland.

So, what’s going on over there? When did Poland become the world’s spam haven? Is anything being done about it, or are the network administrators over there taking the same attitude as those in China? - “We don’t give a damn as long as they pay their bills.”

Heh. Phishing poles.

Yeah, I knew someone would come back with that, or “it’s karma for all the Polish jokes durr”, or something similar.

Guess nobody knows, huh?

Alber Goreski just invented the internet there.