Why "Soak lenses for at least four (4) hours?"

So I wear a hard contact lens and the cleaner says you gotta soak the lense for at least 4 hours in the “conditioning” solution. I’ve seen similar stuff with several brands of cleaners. I don’t remember ever actually doing that regularly, though I have done it at times.

Usually, I leave my contact dry in the case overnight and just rinse it thoroughly the next morning. I haven’t had any problems. So why the long soak?


Well, if mine don’t soak too long, they sting when I put them back in. However, that is easily cured by rinsing them off. So, I don’t know really.

I always soak mine… but I’ve never had hard lenses. Soft ones tend to crease and contract when left dry, and I don’t think I’d wanna put a rehydrated soft contact into my eye.

Because the conditioning solution is also a disinfectant.

Given that certain eye infections can cause blindness, I personally think soaking them is a good idea. (I’ve worn rigid gas-permeables for 10+ years now…)

Soaking also helps to dissolve protein deposits which can block the pores in soft lenses. Not sure if protein buildup is an issue with hard lenses though.

I just finished an assignment where I researched contact lens cleaning solutions. In addition to the disinfectant properties, the lens solution also dissolves proteins and other residues that simple rinsing won’t take care of.

Failure to do so can lead to a ghastly condition called Giant Papillona Conjunctivitis where your contacts can cause an allergic reaction on the underside of your eyelid. Trust me, go ahead and soak your lenses.

Are you saying the conditioning solution in addition to the cleansing solution cleanes the lens? I do thoroughly clean the lens before putting it back in, I just don’t soak it in the conditioning solution (I rinse it briefly instead). I’ve used a hard lens for about 22 years now.