why split the Nobel Prize in Medicine this time

Here is a news article about it. http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/05/world/nobel-prize-medicine/index.html

I’m unclear why they lumped the award for two clearly distinct medicines for two clearly distinct diseases. Yes, both are parasitic diseases but the work seems completely different from each other. Why in this case did they not award the Nobel to the one pair or the other solely, then award the other one later if they thought it reasonable. Why did they give one award and split it between two different sets of work?

good observation and good question.

I have no idea really, but wonder whether it might just be for practical reasons, i.e. scientists are generating Nobel-worthy research at a pace faster than the Committee can give out the award (at the rate of one per year)?

Not a bit situation to be in…

They can give awards to up to 3 people. To maximize the number of winners, awarding to 3 people works. Sometimes they aren’t as closely related as this.

I’m really not seeing this as a precedent. They’ve done 1+2 half-splits of the science prizes from the outsets, And I’m not seeing the halves as being so un-thematically related as to be unusual.