Why the Disclosures?

I was goning to let this pass, when my local NBC affiliate (11 Alive Atlanta)disclosed that they had an exclusive deal with the new Georgia Aquarium. I can’t let it pass with the new ABC/Disney SPACE mission ride.

Why Do news Anchors disclose if they are owned by a certain corporation? Isnt this public information? In the case of Local Affiliates, why is it the local Affiliates job to disclose the networks ownership?

I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking, but I think you’re wondering why news organizations tell viewers whenever they’re talking about something that the news organization itself is somehow related to or is likely to profit from. Well, to put it simply, it’s just considered good ethics to let viewers know this. True, the information may be in the public domain, but viewers wouldn’t necessarily have any reason to check. Also, I think the disclosure assures the reader that any commentary is not surrepticiously trying to curry favor with the reader for something that the news organization stands to profit from. I’m not sure if this practice is as common as it once was, as journalistic ethics seems to be going out the window.