Why the hate for the guy who built a yacht out of concrete and sailed it for 1000 days, alone?

This guy: http://1000days.net/home/

He really did it. Built the boat, from scratch, from basically rebar and concrete and trees. Then met his stated goal of staying at sea for 1000 days without touching land. He grew sprouts, had sponsors donate other food, but wow, he really did it.

Yet he gets nothing but some really nasty derision and scorn from the “sailing community”. Link (which is subtitled “this is totally fucking ridiculous”): http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=52463&st=0 No, I don’t expect anyone to read this entire huge thread but you can pretty much click any page and get the feeling. Also the media almost ignored him as well.

I don’t understand the intense animosity. Sure they guy’s a pothead (but lots of cruisers are) and way out there, maybe even a little crazy. And true his g/f got preg, but they did the right thing getting her off the boat when seasickness might have endangered the baby. He continued to sail, alone for 2-whatever years, then sailed home and reunited with them.

Why isn’t he respected? Am I missing something?

Wait, did he not see his girlfriend or child for nearly 2 years? That right there may be the source of some of the animosity. Sounds like a pretty dickhead move.

When this got posted on my parenting message board a while back, I would say that pretty much 100% of the animosity was directed at the fact that he did not stop the experiment when it meant missing the birth of his child and the first year or so of that child’s life.

I mean, I’m not really getting into the debate about whether that animosity was justified or not, but if you want to know why at least some people felt pissed off at the guy, that’s one of the reasons.

Maybe it doesn’t sit well with some people that he didn’t abandon his pointless voyage to help out with his new child until two years after she was born, leaving his girlfriend to do the work of both mom & dad by herself?

While I think the guy sounds like an attention whore and all around jackoff, I have to say that the girlfriend should have fucking known what she was getting herself into before allowing herself to get knocked up by good ol’ Capt. Crunchy…

(that said, maybe she did, and was fine with his decision to keep on floating, which would make me feel a little bit less judgmental about the both of them)

But the voyage wasn’t “pointless”…it was an experiment to see if a human could live on the ocean for 1000 days. And he did it.

Sure, the pregnancy was unexpected, but the mom seemed cool with the plan and they seem happily re-united.

Some poor choices aside, it still seems like a hell of a thing to me.

So… no, a man and a woman can’t live on the ocean for 2.7 years. They get pregnant and either they take care of the baby properly or they do something stupid. As the father of 6 month old baby, I can tell you that there is something wrong with this guy. Maybe I could see it if he were an astronaut, but even then…

Also, I first clicked on the link, and before I read the rest of your post, I was ready to hate him for that picture on the top of the page.

“Experiment” eh?

Why didn’t he just see what happens when you pour lighter fluid over a handful of crushed-up bottlerockets like other 9 year-olds usually do.

Probably as much scientific validity, plus he could still stay at home so he would be able to play with his girlfriend’s milk-engorged tits.

Was this ever in doubt? I’m not trying to rag on you here; it’s just that I’ve never heard about this feat being impossible. He acknowledges he’s been helped by modern technology, and not only isn’t it statistically valid, there’s no control group.

He assumes that his voyage will be helpful to astronauts going to Mars. I wonder if NASA will really extrapolate one guy’s self-imposed ocean trip into information on mankind’s psychological state on long space voyages.

I guess I’m not impressed with his self-imposed trip, but I’d be more kindly disposed to a guy who stopped the trip to be with his family, then started up again later. His decision to drop the wife off and go on his merry way provides a glimpse into his psyche that I don’t really like.

An experiment? At best, it was a stunt.

So it’s the kid thing that is main issue? I guess I can get that (sorta, kinda since I"m not a parent).

But there was a fair lot of negativity even before that…and almost no media support.

Drug-dealer, dumbass, bad parent, whatever. How many of us could spend 2 years alone on the ocean on a cement boat, eating sprouts…and be that frickkin happy at the end?

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Good lord his writing is nothing but overwrought new age babble. Example:
We could use the Mars Ocean Odyssey as a dynamic example. I propose that a magnificent unprecedented experience constantly acting upon an open soul flying through eternal space will create a super human mystic understanding if the voyager survives with grace.
He should be forced to stay at sea until he learns to write properly about the experience, even if he does not survive with grace.

And that doesn’t make you want to start punching him?

I know, but he still did it. Could I? No. Could you?

Huh, that i**s **a pretty crazy sentence. :eek:

I cant hop on one leg for 24 hours either, but dont feel admiration for the person who can. Some things can be extremely difficult and extremely useless at the same time.


So, it seems like the issues are that 1) he’s a shitty father and 2) he’s a nutjob.

So if a guy did this voyage and was not a shitty father or nutjob, what would be the opinion? Pointless stunt or worthwhile for research purposes?