Why the heck was Don Cheadle uncredited in Ocean's Eleven?

His role was bigger than many who were credited. Was there some legal reason for it? He was one of the eleven, fer Christ’s sake?

And I see from his imdb.com Trivia that he “Appears uncredited in two back-to-back movies, Rush Hour 2 (2001) and Ocean’s Eleven (2001). He played a criminal in both films.”

Anyone know the reason for him not being credited? Does it have something to do with playing a criminal?

OK, maybe I found the answer in a USENET posting found with Google:
From someone calling themselves Bluto (gluteus@moonman.com) in newsgroup alt.video.dvd

That is strange. Before the movie came out, I wondered why he received as much attention as he did. I remember teasers for interviews with the cast saying something to the effect of: "Friday! We talk to Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Don Cheadle!

At the time I was like “Who’s Don Cheadle? And why are they pretending that he’s as big a star as the rest of them?”

No offense to Cheadle, of course. I know who he is now - and he’s excellent.

I first noticed him in Boogie Nights. He is indeed an excellent actor.

“We’re in Barney! . . . Rubble. . . Trouble!”
Is Cheadle American? 'Cause that was a pretty good accent.

He was born in Kansas City, Missouri accroding to the imdb.

Really, you thought that was a good accent? I thought it was one of the worst I ever heard.

I think Mr. Cheadle is one of our finest actors, but the accent nearly ruins a very good movie for me. I saw a preview screening of Ocean’s Eleven, and when I filled out the little card afterwards I begged them to re-dub his lines.

His accent stunk, but that’s about the only thing he’s ever done badly. I’ve liked Cheadle since Picket Fences*; Ocean’s 11 is his worst role by far. (Though the movie is fun.)

His accent SUCKED in that crappy movie, but he is a damn fine actor who’s ability goes beyond typical Hollywood garbage.

I thought his accent was pretty good, and said as much to the friend I saw the movie with.

He still hasn’t let me live it down.

His accent sounded OK to me, but I’m just a stupid American who doesn’t know any better.

I hope it didn’t ruin his friendship with Steven Soderbergh, as he has appeared in several of his movies. I see that there is a sequel, Ocean’s Twelve, with one Producer also listed as being a Producer for Ocean’s Eleven. (Jerry Weintraub). It doesn’t say who the twelve will be yet in the IMDb page, though…

Wasn’t he uncredited in Traffic too?

I can’t quite remember the details but someone started a thread similar to this awhile back and speculated that he kept getting his name left out because Hollywood is racist, lol.

Don Cheadle took “uncredited”, and made it…


I’ll go away now.