Why the hell do people put those enormous 'grille guards' on their SUVs?

We’re currently debating which kind of grill to get for the front of our Discovery. He wants the full out wrap-around brush bar while I just want a small, a-frame in the front.

As to the OP, we’re getting one because we’re tired of replacing our headlight covers when we strike pedestrians. With the brush guard in place, all we’ll have to do is hose off the blood and bits of skull and hair when we get home. Money well spent!

The stupidest truck I have seen in a while was a guy I knew from a bar. It was an f-650 with a modified short bed, painted perfectly with flames, and every chrome rollbar, brushguard, slide plate. I looked all over the damn thing to see it it was a Fifth wheel, Camper holder, or some other bizare trailer connecting device. Finally one day he came out while I was looking. I asked him what he used it for. He said it was just a daily driver. I just cannot understand why anybody needs a Truck with a frame and chassis designed to hold 10-20 tons to go and get eggs.

here in Las Vegas we have Hummer Limos and Ford Excursion stretch limos for rent. Totally lame.

The stupidest truck I’ve ever seen was in the parking lot at work one day, naturally parked to take up two spaces in a very crowded parking lot. It was a Dodge Ram with chromed rhino protectors, running boards, fog lamps, raised suspension, huge tires, chrome rims, and chrome 18 wheeler-style smokestacks. I didn’t look under the truck to see if they were actually connected to the exhaust system, or whether they were purely cosmetic. To top it off, the truck was painted a metallic purple with flames on the hood. It looked so starkly out of place in the parking lot of a home improvement center, since I couldn’t imagine the owner actually putting any cargo in the bed and risking damage to the paint or chrome.

So who’s to say that that above the seatbelt there is a need for a bra but below the belt a need for a cod piece? After all, the OP did say big city East Coast drivers …

Do a google search on SUV reptilian brain

Riigghhttt… Because we all know that a bumper all by itself that hits a childs head is safer then a “bumper guard” hitting a childs head. Please.

Whether it’s a car or an SUV, with or without these guards, you’re gonna be hurting, or dead, regardless of vehicle make.

Given a choice of being hit at 30+ MPH by either a Yugo or a Ford F-350 with an oversized steel bumper, I’m probably going to have some pretty strong convictions regarding my preference.

Can you even get a Yugo up to 30 mph?

Yes, we do.

“A 1998 study by Australia’s University of Adelaide found that the damage to a child’s head when struck by a vehicle equipped with a small-diameter steel bull bar was 10 to 15 times worse than damage inflicted by a vehicle without one. “In practical terms, a pedestrian hit by a vehicle equipped with a steel bull bar will be seriously hurt or killed at speeds much lower than those that are usually fatal,” said Jack McLean, one of the study’s authors.”

Have you seen Kill Bill? Tarantino did up the lead character’s vehicle something fierce.

AP News Flash: A Modesto man is recovering from injuries tonight after getting hit upside the head by the PussyWagon…

My ex-father-in-law had one of these on his truck.

Now he was a rancher and occasionally while driving through his land he had to get the cattle to move out the way. Now he only nudged them but he still need it.

Other wise it’s just a ram plate.

Died of embarassment ,most likely