Why The Hell Don't People Flush?

I work in a small museum, so I never know what I’ll end up doing each day. I could be leading tours, doing research, cleaning a thousand-year-old artifact, or cleaning our new public bathroom.

Today, it was the latter. When went into the Ladies’ Room with my cleaning supplies, I was confronted by the sight of not just one, but two toilet bowls which had not been flushed after being used.

This isn’t the first time I’ve found this, either, and it’s perplexing. Across the socio-economic spectrum, spanning all age groups and both sexes, visitors leave behind bowls full of piss and paper. (Thankfully, I haven’t been confronted with a “floater”. . . . Yet.)

What explains this behavior? I haven’t finished my excretory functions, and not flushed since my days upon a potty chair. I’d actually feel embarassed to leave a stall without flushing.

Do these people do this at home?

The only plausible explanation - aside from those people just being real selfish asses - is that perhaps they DID flush. And it didn’t take.

I mean, it’s possible.

Or it might have been kids - for some reason, some kids don’t seem to remember all the details.

Or it could be that some people are just slobs.

Wait, you mean you don’t like looking at my remnants?

ok, I’m kidding. Not flushing is nasty. At any toilet to me, but especially when you use a public toilet.

My sister and her roommate do this all the time. They think they are conserving water. I have tried to explain that what they are really doing is taxing the wastewater treatment system since what they end up sending along is more concentrated than it should be, but they think I am a Conservative Right-Wing Consumer that shops at Wal-Mart. Very evil in hippie circles. Sigh.
You mentioned they are NEW bathrooms. These aren’t by any chance low-volume flush toilets, are they? Because we have those at my work and they sometimes take three flushes to get everything down. It cracks me up, because flushing the low-volume toilet three times takes more water than a regular toilet.

Sometimes they come back to haunt you, that’s why.

My ladybug continually rants about women’s restrooms, and the rudeness she encounters everywhere.

It seems that a common habit women have is to pee all over the seat. Apparently, they don’t want their pristine derrieres making contact with the nasty old toilet seat, so they just squat and squirt, and then leave the mess behind. And of course, they’re not going to lift the seat first, cause they’d have to touch it. And its most common in places like government buildings and malls and such, where economic classes may mingle…

Now I, on the other hand, have been known to leave behind rather large coproforms behind, just to impress the next visitor with the humongosity of my scatomorphs. Maybe the OP’s museum visitors thought they were leaving gifts, too.

I always flush, but it seems that lately I have been in many public toilets that don’t 'effin flush! The low-flow thing mentioned above makes sense, maybe if that is the problem with your toilets you should put a sign up or something. Most times I don’t have all day to worry about it, so call me rude, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll just leave it. If I can find someone to mention the problem to, I will, but don’t expect people in public places to worry too much about non-functioning toilets.

If your toilets aren’t low-flow and seem to be working correctly, then I agree, it is rude and gross.

I wonder if this is a phenomenon that occurs around the world, or if it’s mainly an American thing.

My money is on the world.

But if I make a really nice log, I mean a real world-record class dump, it would be a horrible shame if I’m the only one who gets to see it.

when I was visiting this comunity that had a small shaired well that tends to run dry if the water is used to much there was theis saying ''if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if’s it’s brown, flush it down", MEaning don’t use water for #1 alone.

This was becasue of low water, if that isn’t an issue then you should flush to the best of your ability.

The true problem is we have these public restroom weinies. They are actually afraid of the restroom and think they might catch aids if their hand touches the wrong fixture. Men’s rooms are pretty well set up for these weinies. The uninals don’t require physical contact and not flushing them is not that big a deal. If they hover in the stalls, they can still direct the flow. Women OTOH have much less ability to direct the flow AND must use the stalls for everything - A reciepie for disaster, that is until someone invents a toilet that will only work when there is a butt on the seat.

Maybe the non-flushers are afraid of that whole toilet aerosol thing.

If you follow my son (who is five) you will probably find he doesn’t flush. He doesn’t like the noise it makes and we haven’t gotten over it yet. I’ll work on it - it just seems a little traumatic for him yet. Usually, he has me or his Dad flush for him - even tells us it needs to be flushed in public. At our home however, we find surprises all the time.

BTW, I understand (the source is work - and since we have factories there, I think its a good source) that you will get a fine if you fail to flush a public toilet in Singapore. 'Course, we are talking Singapore…

I think they simply don’t want to touch the handle.

Me? I use my foot.

Nursing, by its nature gets very personal. I’ve worked with people of many cultures. Some folks who’ve grown up without the "modern conveniences tend to forget.

Nope. One flush is all it takes. I use these toilets myself, and I’ve never had any trouble. They’re the same kinds of toilets you would have in your home-- not the “commercial” style toilets that sound like a 747 taking off, or low-water toilets. Just ordinary commodes.


We had only a handful of visitors today, none of them children. The only visitors to the Ladies’ Room were all over twenty years old.

It’s all around the world…I live in Korea…although I haven’t visited the ladies’ room, the guy’s bathroom is often…hell.

Interestingly, many guys will walk right by the urinals and go to the stalls to tinkle…penis envy? I don’t know, but the spray they leave is DISGUSTING–especially when I gotta go…

There is also a group of guys who seem to enjoy spitting while shitting…maybe they’re bored. I always bring my pda and play solitaire!

Where are your manners people? You know who you are~

Probably just afraid to touch the handle on the toilet. I always use my foot to hit the handle in a public restroom, myself.

Thankfully my university has toilets with some sort of sensor that automatically flushes it when you move away from the toilet.
The ultimate would be to get some of those awesome self-cleaning toilets, where the whole thing gets blasted with hot water after every user. :smiley:

Is this a publicly funded museum? Maybe they figure their tax dollars will flush it.