Why the hell is my phone line "tariffed"?

Well, I’m just now sitting down to pay some bills, and I get this bill for my landline:

**Basic Services**
Extended Area Calling             $  2.44
Residence Line - Tariffed         $16.73

**Optional Services**
Caller Identification - Tariffed  $  5.95

There are some other charges (for rural 911 service, etc), but what the hell am I paying a tariff for, if the phone company (Qwest) is based in the U.S.? And why am I paying them if I’m already paying “Federal Excises”, “Federal Access Charges” and “MT Telecommunications Excise Taxes”?

What, like I’m going to contract out my local telephone service to someone in Nauru? Maybe the Argentinans have a better Caller I.D. package. Seriously, what the hell?

Yeah, I’ve noticed it before, but now it just struck my nerve.


First 2 listed:

A document, approved by the responsible regulatory agency, listing the terms and conditions, including a schedule of prices, under which utility services will be provided.
Error 404 - NARUC
a document filed with the appropriate regulatory authority specifying lawful rates, charges, rules, and conditions under which the utility provides services to parties. A tariff typically includes rates schedules, list of contracts, rules and sample forms

You just weren’t aware of this alternate definition of taiff. :wink:

No, you’re right! I wasn’t!! :smack:

I’m still considering that Nepalese long-distance calling plan for 788.4 Rupee a month, though.

I’m just floored by the cost of your extended area calling.


When I used it here it was $26.00

Yeah, but keep in mind, I’m in Great Falls, MT, and there aren’t many towns around here anyway. We just got a note from the phone company saying essentially: “OooOoOoOOOooohh! Look at us, constantly working to improve your service!! We added Fort Benton[sub]Pop. 6[/sub] to your local calling area! OooOoOOOOOooohh. So, to make up for the cost of stretching the tin-can wires out that far, we’re charging everyone an additional $0.35 per month.” :rolleyes:

Of the six people in Fort Benton, I don’t know any of them.

Okay, okay, so there’s more than six people. What are you, a phone company beancounter? :dubious: