Why the recent popularity of St Martin de Porres?

A few years ago my mum gave me a prayer card for St Martin de Porres:

She was very vague as to why she chose that particular saint and since then I’ve seemed to see him being referenced in quite a few different places (yes, I’m aware of confirmation bias but I think its more than that) and I was wondering why.

His history doesn’t seem like anything particularly out of the ordinary (Saints-wise anyway) but I’ve seen reference to him often enough to make me wonder. If I could be so crass as to refer to a saint as a celebrity is he just having a burst of popularity at the moment?

I’m in Northern Ireland if that has any reference.

Of course I may be totally wrong but I won’t know if I don’t ask!

Perhaps because it was recently the 50th anniversary of his canonisation (6 May 1962)?